Character Classpects


Hello friends! So, we have closing events and winter events coming up soon, which are really exciting. Another thing that's (allegedly) exciting is making fun games to explore parts of our characters we might not normally get into. My favorite way to do that is to imagine how they would be in another setting, whether it's a Hogwarts house, or in this case, the kind of class/aspect from Homestuck they'd have. For those of you who aren't familiar with that, I'll skip the incredibly convoluted plot stuff and say that every major character fills a mythological role. This is a class, and an aspect. Aspects determine what a character has influence over, and their Class determines how they influence it. Classes are typically Active or Passive. They can also mean having a really (sometimes) cool (adequate) costume. While classes are sometimes gender-based, I think that's boring, so ignore any and all gender restrictions for classpects, and have fun with it. As always, explanations are best, and I'm happy to answer questions.

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Getting started: My character, Caillen Taggert, would have been a Rogue of Light. Rogues are a passive counterpart to thieves, in that they steal an aspect from others and provide it to their allies, Robin Hood style. Light as an aspect handles luck, knowledge, and sometimes just plain light. Getting into secrets, providing them to others, and using that knowledge against enemies without being directly in the line of combat was a lot of what Caillen did outside of combat. In combat, his healing, binding, and curses were used to stack the odds against enemies, while he tried to stay away from combat. Exactly what that means for him now is up for debate, but as a PC, this was definitely his jam.