[.11] Charm: Heal me


I was rereading the Charm command and found a slight inconsistency in the verbiage.
0.11 packet
Heal me: The target must make every attempt to heal or Life the caster. During this time the target will not attack anyone and will do everything possible, including fighting their allies, to prevent the healing from being stopped.

I stated both "will not attack anyone" but then states "including fighting their allies" is this intended to be a RP fighting?

I think the intend is that target will be on focus healing and resisting all attempt by allies to stop them. I could see this leading to dropping a slay in to a ally to get them out of the way to heal the caster. But that contradicts the will not attack.
I think the intent is that you won't actively go out of your way to swing a weapon or toss a spell or whatever at someone, but you'll do what you can to stop them if they try to stop you from healing the creature that charmed you, and then as soon as they can't stop you from doing your task, you stop attacking them? It's strangely worded, so I can see the apparent contradiction, so it may need to be cleaned up a little bit.


Oregon Staff
Fighting abilities include things like parries, intercepts or casting defensive or curative spells on your new pal. It isn't strictly offensive.


Seattle Staff
For safety purposes, you can’t charge through someone who’s bodyblocking you from getting to your new friend. I suspect what this is intending to do is give you the ability to, ahem, cut through them until they stop being an obstacle. That’s my take, anyways.