Check out the new Faire Play website!


Very cool!

Three things popped into my head when browsing it:
1 - In the "About Us" section, in addition to the "Community Involvement" section, it might be beneficial to have something along the lines of "Environmental Commitment", detailing any efforts you might be involved with in reducing the impact rigorous use might have on the site and such. In the long term, it might even be worth looking into environmental-friendly construction techniques, such as green roofs, solar heating, water conservation, etc. In the very least, having some sort of statement could stave off a few eco-geeks from whining.
2 - a layout map of the site might increase the draw for other people to consider the ways that they could use it.
3 - It is not clear what site amenities are available: power, sewage, heating, kitchens, standing buildings vs mobile buildings vs tent grounds. While there is a link for asking those sorts of questions, people are, by their nature, fairly lazy and might not want to go through the process of emailing about it. Knowing that sort of thing up front can reduce unnecessary "noise" and keep both you and the customers happier.

And then random idea X... might want to think about listing local catering options for people that do want to host something there with food provided.