Cinderfel Campaign Effects and Policies


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This thread lists and describes the various campaign effects and policies that Alliance LARP NHs Cinderfel Campaign uses. When additional campaign effects are added in game, this list will be updated, and a notification of the update will be made on the Cinderfel Facebook Page. Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have about any of these Effects.


A character that is affected by the Infect Effect will need to report to a Plot Team Member or a Designated Infection Marshal at the end of the encounter in which the Infect Effect successfully resolved on them. Infect is treated as part of the Necromancy Effect Group.

Earth Island

Any undead that enters the island or are created on the island are affected by a destroy undead spell (50 Body) as if touched cast and accepted.

Circles of Power

There are currently no Greater Circles of Power of either magical aspect within the Cinderfel campaign world.

After getting a Marshal and registering their characters death at The Crafting Station, rather than walking to the, non existent, nearest non-hostile Greater Earth Circle of Power the Spirits of the dead will search for a non-hostile Earth Circle of Power (this does not include Limited Circles of Power) or head directly to one that is known to it. If no such Circles of Power are within the play area some are always available to spirits in locations that are outside of the current play area. Once the spirit has arrived it may enter the circle and be treated in all ways like this circle was a Greater Earth Circle of Power with its caster invested in it.

Similarly casters of a Celestial Circle of Power (this does not include Limited Circles of Power) may treat their circle as if it was a Greater Celestial Circle of Power that they are invested in for the purposes of Identification and may contact a Marshal and head to The Crafting Station to acquire the appropriate tag for the item identified.

Also any Circle of Power may be used to activate a Recall Item ritual effect.

Spirit Scenting

Wyderkin can sense the general presence of spirits that are in need of resurrection by smell. They cannot perceive them in any detail nor can they determine their location(s). Marshals will inform Wylderkin of such spirits in the area as if the spirits were within a Greater Earth Circle of Power that the Wylderkin was invested in.
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