Cinderfel In-Between Game Actions


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Eligibility: You may submit an In-Between Game Action after an event you attended or pay-no-played. An IBGA submission informs Plot what your character would attempt to accomplish before the next event.

A player may submit an IBGA for only one of their characters per IBGA submission period between events. This does not need to be the same character that was registered for the event.

Deadlines: Submissions are due by the Monday one week after the event at 11:59 PM. For example IBGAs from the May 4-6 event are due May 14. The winter deadline will be 11:59 PM December 31. If you submit your request after the deadline, we cannot guarantee a response.

Solo or Group activities: You may submit an individual or group action. A player who did not attend/pay-no-play may have their character included in a group write-up that includes at least four qualifying players’ characters.

Group submissions must have the emails of every participant included properly on the form, and every participant must send Plot a confirmation that they are in fact participating. One coordinating participant in the group should fill out the Google Form for submission and include the emails of all participants. Google Forms generates a receipt that is sent to all listed emails and participants can reply directly to Character Plot through this receipt. All confirmations must be received within the one week following the submission deadline.

If you submit an IBGA as part of a group, please do not also submit a solo action unless it is very concise (a letter to an NPC, for example). Please submit a form for the solo action that notes intended participation in the group action as well.

Guidelines: Time in between events is limited, but if you do wish to travel, you can easily travel around Unmei. Also if you wish to travel to other local islands, if there are ships destined for them, you may be able to go to them. Once you are on the high seas though, it can get treacherous and you may or not make it to your destination.

Because it can not be known if the casting of a ritual will succeed or fail until actually cast, following the standard ritual casting rules of Alliance, players should not expect to automatically cast a ritual during an IBGA. If a player would like to cast a ritual effect as part of their IBGA they will need to do one of the following:

1) At the event before the IBGA is submitted, let the plot team know they would like to cast a ritual as part of their upcoming IBGA submission. The player will then need to work with Plot to cast the ritual using all the standard rules for casting a ritual before the event ends so the outcome can be known by the plot team. The player does not need to know the whole of their IBGA submission at that time or have the full IBGA ready, just that they are going to cast a ritual as part of it. For purposes of casting the ritual, the player can treat their high magic pool as if it were a new logistics period since the casting of the ritual IG would be taking place at a later time.

2) As per the NH chapter policy regarding the purchase of LCO ritual scrolls or effects ( any player as part of their in between game action submission may include that they are spending Goblin Stamps to gain the use of certain rituals. The rituals that can be purchased this way are indicated with an asterisk in the attached link, and if purchased as part of an IBGA automatically succeed without the need for any rolls or components. The character the IBGA is submitted for does not need to be able to cast rituals themselves in order to purchase a ritual effect in this manner. No notice of intent to use said ritual needs to be given to the plot team prior to the submission. The player must indicate in their IBGA submission that they are spending goblin stamps to do the ritual in their IBGA submission, and if multiple players are involved in the submission, must indicate which player is spending the Goblin Stamps.

Responses: As a Live-Action Roleplaying Game, we aim to have important moments take place during the game. It is possible that the response to a submission will be “this will be handled-in game”. Please be patient while we find a way to make your request happen during an event.

Some submissions may receive the response that an action is approved. For example, we are happy to know if your character goes to see their parents and their childhood cat while they reflect on what has happened to them recently. It is possible that Plot will confirm this could take place, with no further response.

Some actions cannot take place during an event and IBGAs serve the purpose of allowing for them. Some mundane actions that are submitted may encounter the unexpected. Plot response will inform you of the results of your attempted action. Players with questions about a response are welcome to ask by email, or speak with the writer of their response or player of the central NPC involved during downtime at game if that person is available. In the event that clarifying information is given in person, it is the player’s responsibility to include the main points of that conversation in their next submission to character plot so that it will be in our records. Any information not emailed for confirmation potentially may not be recorded into canon.

Submission: Please send IBGA submissions to using the following format.

Player’s Name(s) and email(s):

Character’s name(s):

Goal: [Choose a quick descriptive phrase - Research, Travel, Contact NPC, Train, Labor… Other?]

Specific Task/Strategy: [Identify the content within the goal subject you selected. This may be a bulleted list.]

Relevant Resources: [Note character skills, related backstory experiences, or current IG affairs/networks/resources that may assist in accomplishing the goal.]

Additional Comments: [Anything you want to add that you feel does not fit in one of the above categories.]
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Due to the implementation of the new part of the policy pertaining to casting Rituals from Ritual Scrolls yourself not being announced until the end of the 5/19/23 - 5/21/23 event, for IBGAs submitted for that event only, you do not need to cast the ritual ahead of time to determine the result. Instead for IBGAs submitted between the 5/21/23 event and the 6/30/23 event, please include that you will be casting the ritual and we will send you a response based on an assumption that it will succeed. Then at the 6/30/23 event we will have you actually cast the ritual before going in game. Depending on the results of the ritual casting we may then alter some of the information communicated to you in the IBGA. Please reach out here, or to if you have any questions about this.