Cinderfel Online World Updates

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
In the month of Drav [March] it was quiet in the beginning. The wagons of the Selunari trudging through the snows in the northern part and the cool humidity of the jungles in the south keeping the farmlands in Domari Plains wet enough to produce enough grains and such to keep shipping north. It wasn't until the 14th that things got rough. Just before dark, both of the volcanoes erupted. It was reported that Finna Harta, the dormant volcano on the lower half of Unmei and Mount Mithron, the dormant volcano on the upper half of Unmei both exploded and sent ashes and cinders miles into the air, while Mount Mithron caused several rockslides and a handful of Cinderfel residents were crushed, with more being injured. Finna Harta’s eruption sent up ash and poisonous air that when it came into contact with the humidity blowing in from the jungle of Killidery Grove and created a poisonous fog that killed anything that breathed it. This fog settled on the village of Crossroads for 2 days before the winds finally dissipated it. About 200 people died and all the local animals.

The Kotar Tribe's Biatas seemed to have gained confidence and abilities over the winter that have aided the Kotar greatly. They only say they have had a wise teacher mistwalk to them and they keep all info to themselves.

Rigg's main ship pulled into Black Heart three days after the eruption. Due to Tobias and Star's effort, the survivors were immediately moved to Mournstead. With many volunteering hands, Tobias led the charge to bury the dead and cleanse the town. This would prove to be a long mission for him. Spells were heavily expended in saving townsfolk.

In the City of Cinderfel there were some losses due to rocks falling, but overfall it was minor.

In Black Heart Bay there isn't a lot going on.

Kotar Tribe in the Tegan Meadows was quite busy infact, at the end of the month a flying ship was seen landing at their main base, dropping off loads of supplies. This allowed the Kotar a heavy push on the kikari that continued to push west. With a strong fortification, the Kotar were able to put a heavier front near Mournstead and Dellwyn. Then the kikari went quiet....

APRIL 1st-15th
In the month of Rendor [April] the warm winds began to blow in from the east. The mountain passes of the Wetiko Mountains began to open up and this allowed the yearly caravan line to make their ways up with resources and coin for trade since the dwarves have spent most of the winter with their forges running hot. The ice in the Harbors around Cinderfel City broke up and ship travel became a lot easier.

The snow slowly melted away in Mournstead, the Tavern was open with the Gargoyle guarding it, but Misu was not there to serve drinks nor food, due to being away visiting Cinderfel City. The Kikari continue to crawl around the edges of the forest, once in a while wandering through the tavern and knocking things over.

Meanwhile the work in Crossroads finally comes to an end on the second week. Survivors returned home and through efforts of many, supplies and farm animals were brought in, tilling that was about 2 weeks over due had to be finished and some of the hardier grains needed to get put into the ground. At the end of this month a statue was erected in the town square.

A Caravan bearing the City of Cinderfel's flags is seen coming down the Black Hollow Burrows and entering Tegan Meadows. It is bound for the Kotar Tribe in Tegan Meadows and seems to be carrying diplomats and ambassadors, for it seems to have a good group of armed guards with them.

There also seems to be a heavy amount of traffic in the harbor at Black Heart Bay.

[We pick up at the 3rd week of April if anyone has plans for their characters to do anything to the 1st week of May]

(PS I know there is some personal stuff that needs to be addressed and I will be getting to that ASAP. I apologize for delays)

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Cinderfel World Update 2 3rd week of Rendor [April] to 1st week of [Nymh] 05.12.20

With the snow finally melting away from the Wetiko Teeth down to the Blood Gravel Mountains, the warm spring air begins to bring green sprouts and the trees bud. In Mournstead you can go crazy with the amount of peeping frogs at night and wake up bright and early to an orchestra of birds. Sir Alex has taken up residency, cleaning the Tavern and stoking the fires at night hoping for the return of friends. Wandering past in the evening reveals the giant white mouse sitting at the tables which have been pushed together to give him more space. He has a giant map he is carefully penning his notes on to. Then using colored powders and chalks to highlight the points of interest.

Changes that are obvious now the routes are fully opened are that the main Kotar encampment has branched. They now have Camp Rowan up beneath the hills south of Cinderfel City. The main encampment is now call Camp Alder and they have pushed south and made a third, called Camp Willow which is between the Echosis Forest and the Blood Gravel Mountains. Though Crossroads and east are still considered part of Black Heart Bay property and the enforcers have taken note of the Kotar restructure. This is causing a stir and something itself is brewing in the south.

There is slight activity at the lighthouse west of Mournstead, looks like Kay and a group are attempting to map the area out for dock areas. Percy begins to visit the lighthouse bay.

In Cinderfel a fleet of ships loaded with supplies departs for Silvermoon Bay on the Island of Tylwaer. The embassy carriages arrive back, they had cut their trip short. Ambassador Finn and Hildr are leading another dwarf into the castle gates, who appears a short time later and makes his way to the the lower gate district. A ship flying Tylwaer Nixee colors comes into the Port Royale and a caravan of supplies and people make their way towards Cinderfel City.

Cinderfel city itself is quiet and the main gate area with the open market is doing massive amounts of trade. The fields north of cinderfel are being tilled and manured. When the hot days hit, the odor is practically palatable in the city.

Black Heart Bay has a big celebration of blessing of the ships. Each ship has a wreath of shells placed on the bow for goodluck for the season of storms, there are bonfires on the beaches and it is a large success for the local's morale.

There is a ruckus from the jungles to the east of Butterby and talks of attacks by scaleless lizardmen and kidnapping of several villagers.

Gutrock & Sons Lumberyard hires on some more hands to fell trees and there looks to be construction of a warehouse and a office. Peggy Sue the bugbear has been seen by the old mine and has been talking with some dwarves and then a small sign appears one day, “Future Home of Gutrock & Sons Quarry”.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Update 3 [May 2nd and 3rd week]

Cinderfel City has begun to prep for a celebration of Summer in a few weeks. There are lots of wagons traveling back and forth from Port Royal, bringing in new wares for the open market in the city.

The Kikari have begun to change their tactics and they start hitting small traveling Kotar guards. There are reports of them using shields and the wooden weapons they can produce, but they are starting to use tactics of shields in the front and there is even kikari using bows and arrows.

There is a large group of enforcers setting up on the main road to Black Heart Bay. Any Kotar seen south of crossroads gets hit hard and fast. The Kotar are fortifying Camp Willow.

The skies of lower Bloodgravel Mountains are seeing a lot of carrion birds lately.

The lighthouse light goes out. Percy has begun leaving interesting shells and odd undersea goodies like coral and stuff on the beach near the lighthouse.

Sprouts of wheat and other grains can be seen in all fields of Cinderfel.

On the 22nd, there is a spectacular meteor shower that lights up the sky.

It is a quiet two weeks.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Update 4 [ 4th week of May 1st week of June]

Cinderfel City is in full swing for the summer celebration. There is a three day celebration at the Main Gate and the city is lit up with thousands of candles and flowers at the end of the week.

The Kikari skirmishes are quite forceful lately among Camp Alder and Camp Rowan.

Kotar Camp Willow is held solid while the enforcers of the bay have set up a camp of their own.

Thunderstorms and rain drench Unmei pretty good for the first part of the week.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Cinderfel Update 5

The shadows in Calliway Forest (Lighthouse, Mournstead, Camp Rowan, Camp Alder, Shadefell, Draketail, and down to Camp Willow) have become hostile starting at dusk. They are seen attacking all creatures, even farm animals. They kill it and leave the bodies behind. The shadows are dispersed with any type of light. By the end of the week the Kotar have imposed a curfew of sunset on travelers and towns. The Selunari are an exception and keep their caravans well lit.

The shadows around the Echosis Forest are seemingly more solid, they have to be actually hit with fire or light spells to be even hurt. The trade route between Crossroads and Camp Willow has become a death trap after dark and travelers have begun using the mountain path.

The Lighthouse by Mournstead has been re-lit and the beacon shows brightly through the night.

The weather has been very cloudy most of the week and the bugs are out full swing.

Gutrock & Sons, Lumberyard has officially hired a crew and are now building their first storefront & warehouse. Clearing of the area for the building will take a bit but if you go by you will see work being done.

The old Quarry near Mournstead now has an official sign that says Gutrock & Sons, Mines. Two signs hang below it: Now Hiring! Investors Welcome!

Misu has been seen at the trading post with Sir Alex, the trading post looks better in the coming days. There is a new sign out front that says “The Vulgar Gargoyle” and the place looks a lot less dusty.

The Caravans have been making record trips all summer, there is a giant spike in births of all creatures lately.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Update 7
The area of Mournstead is silent currently, the shadows become very aggressive in the evenings and there are rumors of shadowy Kikari roaming the deep parts of the Calliway Forest. The light house is a bright burning beacon on the dark nights that gives much comfort to those living nearby.

In the city of Cinderfel it has been a rough week. There were three raiding ships that hit the docks very hard, several boats were sunk and there is approximately two dozen missing citizens. But the small navy the king keeps managed to fight them off. This set messengers out to the Kotars to be wary of active raids.

The Kotar and Enforcers are wearing thin on the Echosis Forest border, the shadows have become very aggressive and have begun changing forms from humanoid to large beasts with many shadow tentacles. While they are wearing thin on that border, there is an big raiding party from Halja that managed to capture two selunari caravans. Reports of scaleless lizard men with stubby tails and disfigured claws from the Kotar that patrol that area. A group attempted to go in after them, they have not been heard from in days.

There is a group camping in the woods near Mournstead, those near the tavern can see the campfire in the woods and quiet music being sung late at night.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Update #8

There has been a lot of visitors and activity lately in Mournstead. There have been visits by Lord Heresy and Lady Ukzwe, they were seen with a group of their rangers. A few groups have been seen setting out and tracking something of import. While in the woods in front of the tavern there is a makeshift camp going up and it has been heard called Haven for Unseelie Fey. Rumor has it they are banding together against a force called Freeblood Fey.

The area around Mournstead has been lit up by lots of torches that Misu is keeping full and lit. Squire Dourn has been seen maintaining the lighthouse, keeping the area of the tavern clear of Shadows and keeping a presence. There hasn't been much work on the dock area and fort of St. [will post name shortly, awaiting a reply].

The shadows and kikari are still very hostile. There is a caravan of Wilderkin that wind up near Mournstead and cannot make it thru towards crossroads and it seems to be about three families that are upset about not getting to get there but the three husbands are not able to fight the shadows as well adventurers. There are three wives, none have children with them. They are asking for an escort.

The raids continue, the dark elves are having a very good season. Cinderfel's navy is waging quite a war.

The area of the Echosis forest have become a complete war zone, shadows and kikari are overwhelming and the Kotar have received two more caravans of soldiers. The enforcers have pulled back and are just managing their front below Crossroads.

Brandy Smith-Watrous

New Hampshire Staff
Cinderfel Update 9!
Last week in Mournstead, a group led by Squire Duorn, Lord Heresy and Lady Ukzwe were seen heading towards Crossroads with the presence of the Dark Fae Queen. They were seen talking to a large Golden Gryphon who seemed to vanish. Then they walked into the Echosis Forest, never expecting them to be seen again, some how they defied the evil of the forest and were all seen celebrating in the Tavern of Mournstead much later that evening.
The shadows and shadow kikari stopped flooding out of the forest and the shadows stopped attacking during the night. The kikari have slowed down and seemed to have given the Kotar a much needed break. The autumnal winds have begun to blow and the leaves of the north have turned gorgeous colors.
Rumor of the lighthouse keeper has returned and the glow is comforting.