Resolved Clarification: Starting Equipment & Catalyst Rituals

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Gettysburg Staff
Hello All!

Its been brought to our attention that there is some confusion regarding the availability of catalyst required rituals via a character's Starting Equipment points.

The points allotment for Starting Equipment is not able to be spent on ritual effects that require a catalyst, but can be spent on the non-catalyst required effects from a catalyst optional ritual.

For example: A player could elect to spend some of their Starting Equipment points on a Body-targeted Sorcerous Triage charge, but it would function as the automatic First Aid option, not the Rebirth option (as that requires a catalyst). A player could not decide to spend their points to create an item with Permanent Duration on it.

This was is in line with the vote on the originating proposal, but due to a list not being published, there has been some confusion.

We hope to have a list up and available on the website within the next two weeks.

We realize that there are potentially items in existence that were issued without any knowledge of this restriction and there is on-going discussion on how best to handle these items. As soon as a decision is made regarding those, it will be communicated.

If you have any questions on the policy, please feel free to ask them in either the General Discussion section of the forums, submit them via the Suggestion Box, or PM me directly.

Not open for further replies.