Resolved Clarifications regarding Arcane Armor and Armor-targeting Rituals

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Good morning Alliance players,

I'd like to announce some clarifications we have made regarding 2.0 Rituals:

1. These two lines in Arcane Armor:

"Refitting Arcane Armor does not require the blacksmith skill. To refit Arcane Armor, the individual must Focus for one minute."

are replaced with the following:

"Refitting Arcane Armor does not require the blacksmith skill and may only be refit by the wearer, but otherwise follows the normal armor refitting rules."

This is to make it clear that characters may only refit their own Arcane Armor (not someone else's), but skills like Fast Refit and the Blacksmith Master ability will still work on it if the bearer has them. It also requires the same RP requirements as refitting physical armor (kneeling and Focus).

2. Several Armor-targeting rituals have had their wording tweaked to make it clear that they only work when utilizing the Armor they are cast on (additions / changes in bold):

- Armored Shell: "While wearing this suit of armor and under the effect of this passive ritual..."

- Eternal Resolution: "... when using the Resolute skill while wearing this armor..."

- Mystic Smith: "Once per Logistics period, at the determination of the wearer, an Armor Refit performed on this suit will require only 3 seconds to refit the armor..."

These changes make it clear that these rituals will only work when the specific Enchanted suit of armor is in use.

3. Controlled Spirit Store (which is now NPC only) has had its explicit immunities to Life and Death effects stripped. Bottled monsters will now take Doom (and Life and Corrupt) unless they have some other defense against those effects (like Undead being normally immune to Corrupt). Much to the dismay of all the PC Dragon Mages, they are still immune to Spirit-targeting Rituals if not in contact with their bottle.

-Bryan Gregory
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