Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Everywhere

Khorwyn Brey

Fellow Alliance HQ Players!

I don't like having to write this post, but this is my official plea as your Assistant GM to do a better job of cleaning up after yourselves once our events have ended. Most of the time there is very little to clean up, but this last event was different. I found: (a) a beach towel hanging from the rafters of a cabin, (b) used glassware from the tavern in a cabin, (c) a variety of half-consumed bottled drinks in a variety of places, and Frank Willig, who was nice enough to help me until the very end, discovered (d) a cooked, uneaten steak in the Monster Camp fridge. While the rats might not have gotten to that, I can only imagine the rotting stench it would have greeted another LARP group with after sitting in a switched off fridge for a week or two.

Also, I am more than a little skeeved that I am left to clean up the trash, used soap, loofahs, and whatever else people decide to leave in the shower stalls when they are finished bathing. Susie Lee and I even found something we believe to have been a pair of soaked underwear in one of the stalls. This is simply unacceptable. We are all adults, and can do better.

I'm not looking for any apologies or confessions, but I am looking for improvement. I know most people want to get to OIP for the big group dinner and reminiscing after an event, but with a little more cleanliness and attention to detail, (a) I won't be left cleaning up after you, and (b) I might have more time to come along and hang out too! :thumbsup: Thank you in advance for your consideration in the future.
Dave, at least I cleaned up the two pairs of underwear people left in the shower and the one pair someone left on the counter so you didn't have to. And by clean up, I mean throw in the garbage. Oh, and I also cleaned up the used bandaid stuck to a chair in the shower.

Come on people, have some respect for the site and just as importantly for yourselves. Do you really want to live your life as a slob?