Closed Chapter Restricted Scroll/Catalyst Conversion


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Atlanta Staff
Summary: Due to the number of recently closed chapters the owners have come together to figure out a system to allow for previously restricted rewards from recently closed chapters to continue to have a potential use and effect on our future games. As per the current system all restricted scrolls and catalysts from any chapter which has closed become null and void, but through this vote an individual chapter has the right to reprint the scroll without affecting their local treasure policy, however each chapter is allowed to determine which scrolls, or how many they will accept.

Vote: Allow Closed Chapter Restricted Scrolls & Cats To Convert to Open Chapter Equivilants (Optionally) [Passed]
The following chapters voted for this policy: Crossroads, Chicago, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Denver, Las Vegas, Virginia
The following chapters voted against this policy: None

Synopsis of conversations: The conversations for this vote mainly centered around providing a customer service option for those players who were heavily invested in chapters which closed, but also still wanted to continue to play alliance now or in the future. The conversations against the proposal were that some scrolls did not belong in certain campaigns, and that by making it not a uniform choice, chapters who used a more stringent acceptance criteria could potentially be impacted negatively.