Combating The Enemy [Big West Hook]

Greetings Friends and Allies of Fortannis,

You have all heard Squire Shin’s words in dream here.

We are at the time where we need to ask for you, the Heroes of Fortannis, to come to the Maelstrom to assist us with this Outsider threat. Please, if you have the ability to contribute the time and effort, we call for you to come to the Maelstrom to assist us. In an effort to best facilitate our assault on the Outsider force we have attempted to collect a general primer on our enemy:


If you are coming to help fight, please try to arrive in the Maelstrom during the first week of May, 617 ((OOG: Big West)). We have begun arranging guides from the main adventuring convergence points of nearby lands through the mists to Maelstrom, as designated below. Those lands are:

Sedovia ((Oregon)) - Squire Shin will guide you through the Mists
Acarthia ((Denver)) - Terren will guide you through the Mists
Ceriopolis/Stradyn ((Seattle)) - Kasuni will guide you through the Mists
Enerret ((San Francisco)) - Plue will guide you through the Mists
Caladonia ((Calgary)) - Aziraphel will guide you through the Mists

If your land does not appear on that list, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make sure there is a guide for you and your fellows. Meeting points will be dreamt closer to May to minimize the chances of enemy influence or ambush. Again, the mists around Maelstrom are dangerous- please do not attempt to journey alone if you can help it.

As the war effort is based in the Maelstrom, you may find it helpful or informative to know a little about the land. A primer for Maelstrom is available here.

Thank you everyone, in the past, present, and future who has helped Maelstrom. This enemy threatens us all- every land of Fortannis- but we can beat them back and remove them from this plane once and for all.

See you all in May.

In service,

Clerk Terren
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Much bigger primer in the works, I assure you.