Confusion with character builder


So I read another thread where someone was asking about making a character and there was a link to a page you can create characters. I am just starting to get into larp and I was looking at the free build creator intending to make a sylvanborn character. For some reason I am not getting any other skills than craftsman for the sylvanborn race. I looked on other races and the options are there so I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if its a glitch.


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Sylvanborn need to purchase 1 craftsman per level up to 5.

The character builder enforces that as your first purchase(s).

Select a Craftsman skill, enter a name for it, and you can purchase either 2 ranks of it, or another one. Since characters start at level 2.
You'll need to do this every time you level up, or until you have 5.