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Discussion in 'In Game' started by KyleSchmelz, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    Hey so GRONK gots a favor ta ask from all da adventurers at da next gaddering. And by a favor I mean I'll pay ya, so really it's more like a job.

    Gertie's gonna Summon a Catalyst fer a ritual so we can make a new magic weapon ta help fight all da new stuff we're seein in da new times. Da catalyst is da Shavings of a Unicorn's Horn which goes wit da Permanent Duration ritual. Dis can be real dangerous, because da catalyst don't come alone. It always brings some sorta threat wit it.

    I seen dis catalyst get summoned a couple times before and it's never actually brought a unicorn but we don't really know what'll happen. One time it was a corrupted treant, da udder time it was a massive pack of dire bears dat we tink had just eaten a unicorn.

    When da catalyst gets summoned, da catalyst is mine. No questions. No auction. I paid a lotta money fer dis scroll and da components fer it.

    Dat's where da payment comes in. Da Adventure Capitalists got some scrolls we can put up as payment to da town. You guys can auction doze amongst yerselves or do dat however you want. On toppa dat, imma put in a custom bit of ledderwork or chainmail or udder craft work. Everyone dat helps gets ta put a name in a hat or however we do it and da winner gets a custom bit of work delivered early next year.

    We'll put up at least a Race Reaver scroll as payment dependin' how hard it is ta deal wit. If it's real rough we'll slip in some udder stuff ta sweeten da pot. Not everyone gots ta do it, but I want ta get as much of da town in it as possible, dese tings ain't ever easy.

    Treasurer of da Adventure Capitalists
  2. Zihr

    Zihr Newbie

    I am an adventurer, not a mercenary. You have always shown me kindness and a willingness to help when needed. It will be my honor to help. You call, and I will answer - no payment needed.

    ~Zihr of House Husky
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  3. Azeban

    Azeban Newbie

    Esteemed GRONK,

    I can collect Zihr's portion in addition to my own while lending my blade Starfall to your task. Solely out of the goodness of my heart and to make your job as treasurer easier by not changing up the numbers for that complicated treasure division.

    Guard Azeban
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  4. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    GRONK do you know when you would like to do this task? I assume Gerty will be performing the ritual?

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  5. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter

    I tink Gertie's plannin' ta do it Friday night. Prolly not right after we gadder up, but soon after if we don't get caught up in sumtin.

  6. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Artisan

    GRONK I will keep an eye out fur da unicorn if you do not find your way back to Ravensong.

    Squire Bruisey
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  7. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    Oh, you guys need a unicorn? I have a summon magical creature ritual scroll lying around, if anyone wants it!

  8. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Artisan

    We gots 3 maybe 4 unicorns I think we good on unicorns we need der horn shavings.
    Squire Bruisey
  9. Ladeon

    Ladeon Newbie

    Oh, ok! But if you're having trouble locating the ones you do have, it's still an option!


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