Hey, looking for theatrical contact lenses for both prescription and non-prescription needing eyes.

So far my research is coming up with a bunch of awesome non-prescription ones and one or two cool prescription ones, but not both.



The site I generally use is but unfortunately there prescription section isn't too huge, however if you sign up for there free stuff club every other month or so I get a coupon for 20% of contacts which is pretty nice. There is also which i've used before too, there custom section has more available for prescription but they're pretty expensive compared to the non prescription ones. For the record though, I have horrible eyes, but my Keely contacts aren't prescription and I find I really don't have that much trouble playing in them.

Good luck!



Wait, are you saying that the non-prescription ones provide correction anyway or just that you are able to manage? I am legally blind without correction so I think experimenting in that department could end horribly. ;)

Hmmm... I see what you mean about Grimmbrothers. Ok! Thanks for the info!