Controlled Spirit Store and Circles

Hey all!

The Controlled Spirit Store (bottling) ritual scroll states:

If the body that the spirit controls is killed or destroyed anytime before the duration of the Controlled Spirit Store has ended, the spirit must regenerate at the spirit bottle in direct physical contact with the bottle.

This would imply that the person resurrecting must resurrect at their bottle. However, I've heard conflicting information about whether or not a person with a CSS has the option to resurrect at an earth circle with their bottle (I think regenerates work that way?).

Is this a case of Berenstain vs. Berenstein Bears where we could just swear we saw it somewhere, or is there a deeply buried ARC ruling about it?

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Hello Spencer,

You are right a character with a Controlled Spirit Store must resurrect at the bottle. It does not get a choice on the location of the resurrection unless it controls the location of the bottle.

With Regeneration, you can decide to regenerate where you died or at the circle where the ritual was cast at if it still exists. Otherwise, the spirit can decide to resurrect at the nearest Permanent Earth Circle.

I think many confuse Regeneration and Controlled Spirit Store.
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Can confirm that one must Rez at bottle with CSS while Regen has a choice.
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