Controlled Spirit Store and Seek the Whole


How do these things interact?

Can you use a person's body to find their spirit? Is a spirit physically larger than the myriad of shed skin cells that fall off a person's body during a day?

Can you use a person's spirit to find their body?

Are the spirit and the body a single thing to be reunited? Were the Cartesians finally right for once?

I didn't expect a boffer LARP to be the thing to validate philosophy degrees, but here we are.


You can use a part of the body to find them, but the spirit is specifically not part of the body, and is separate. So I’d rule no, but only because the ritual specifies body.


I agree with the "no", but git'r a different reason. From the scroll text: "To successfully cast this Ritual a Caster must be in possession of part of a person, place or object which has been broken or destroyed in any manner." I would rule that CSS does not break or destroy a person.