[.11] Corrupt and "KBA / Ensure Res"

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  1. MaxIrons

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    So I want to start this with saying I love the Corrupt effect. It's just all around good in my opinion. However experiencing it both as plot and having it happen to my character, I want to give a bit of a warning to plot teams for using it. If you use it, only use it in scenarios where you want a Killing Blow Active & Ensure Resurrection Active type of fight over the whole field. Once you hit a PC with it, you lose the level of control over those activities that you had when it was only on your card, or only on NPC guild cards. Once one of those stick it can quickly spiral out of control if for some reason you can't give commands to your new thrall.

    As a plot member if I unexpectedly had one stick on the best stick jock on the field and then got dropped, it's now entirely up to that player how they'll act as a greater undead, a big level of uncertainty. As a player who had one stick on him, I got told to "Kill the living." I did. I put one person through the circle and nearly got a second one.

    It's the same to a lesser extent with Charm, but there are a lot more defenses/cures against that. Again, I love the effect, but like other abilities, it's important to know how to apply it well.
  2. Draven

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    I’m actually fairly anti-spell with my setup, but if I got dropped and Corrupted while unconscious, I am definitely gonna murder some people.

    Plus, I’m probably going to end up Corrupting an Earth Caster if I get the opportunity to do so (and I’ll totally be trying to).

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  3. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    I still feel it's an effect that doesn't need to be in the game.

    It effectively creates monster cards that are not under plot's control, and is a huge vector for griefing.
  4. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    After seeing it in action. Yeah I can see what you guys are talking about. Though I could argue enslavement already exists and can do the same thing but more long term. I still remember a game where a powerful caster in a golem was hit with an enslavement and told to kill adventures to the best of his ability and then ran into the woods right away.... Then we realized he had gone back to his cabin to get traps...
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  5. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    Yup. I've been waiting to see that happen, someone gets grumpy enough to decide to take their ball and go home, and just sets off a stack of explosive traps in the tavern at dinner time. Then takes off for the weekend while the staff figures out how to rez 3/4 of the game and deal with the amount of gear and treasure that just got shattered.

    Much less how unfriendly it would get if someone started planting traps IED style on paths and places characters congregate.

    Thoughts like this are no fun, and part of why I'm taking advantage of the 2.0 rebuild to spec out of traps at this point.
  6. Tantarus

    Tantarus Squire

    Well now you can just walk into a "room" like the tavern and quick set up a trap with 3 sec rituals, and blow up everyone with a quickness. I know at some point an NPC will do this if not a PC.
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  7. Cedric

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    We wanted necromancy to be scary. I think we at least achieved this somewhat....
  8. MaxIrons

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    And I like it in the game for the tool it represents. Just like Charm and Enslavement, they have their place, but need to be used properly. Just like I wouldn't want a field full of enemies that swing for 10 Body, or has acidic blood on a low level mod, I don't want Corrupt on a card in a non-ensure res situation.
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