Costume Contest

Ace Brown

Las Vegas Staff
Well players, the time has come for our first ever costume contest! It will be running from today until the 31st! But the question is...

Where Do I Post My Submission?
After sending your $5 to our PayPal ( post your submission to Instagram with the hashtag #alvcostumes and tagging us @alliancelarplv

What Can I Submit?
With the short notice of the contest, you are able to post any of your previous works. That being said you may get bonus points for having a fantasy-themed costume.

What If I Don't Use PayPal?
If PayPal causes an issue for you, send your money to @NonMagician on Venmo

What Will I Win?
Jim O'desieus of Wolf's Cosplay Shop has been kind enough to sponsor this competition. If you win you will get a custom piece from him.

Anything Else I Should Know?
By sending us your submission you give us permission to repost (with credit of course!) your submission to our social media if you are selected as the winner or an honorable mention. Submissions posted after the 31st will not be counted. Please post your Instagram name in the notes of your Paypal submission otherwise we will not be able to verify your submission.

Ace Brown

Las Vegas Staff
For those who may not have seen, our winner was decided last night. The winner of our contest is the amazing Kyle Duong! Gypsy Bailey and Nathan Rick are our 2nd and 3rd place winners.