Costuming, accessories and more!

Hello, all! Many of you probably do not know me, but some of you undoubtedly do. I am Leora, and I'm a player in the Denver chapter. I am also a professional costumer! Recently, my queue has been woefully empty and so I am advertising here in the hopes of drumming up some additional business. I will ship anywhere, and have a wide range of things I can make, including very comfortable and lovely custom corsets, as well as the warmest and softest cloaks ever. Please check out my Facebook and Etsy pages and feel free to message me. I'm trying to get my October queue filled today!

By the way, if you are attending the Alliance Denver OCTOBER event and need simple costuming items for that game, I still have two spots left, but you need to be prepared to commit today so I have time to get them done! (simple includes skirts, shirts, pouches, belt flags, etc). Also, I can do CUSTOM EMBROIDERY DESIGNS, so if you've been wanting heraldry embroidered onto a belt flag, I can do those.