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Discussion in 'Big West 2019' started by DracoIam, Jun 13, 2019 at 7:06 PM.

  1. DracoIam

    DracoIam Rogue

    Looking for potions for that new potion trigger? I'm a master potion maker and blacksmith, and I make everything else too. Do I hear any requests?
    -Gertude the Gruntuled.
  2. Renner

    Renner Scout

    I am interested in buying a batch of potions, what are you prices?

    Sir Tanis
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  3. Feldor

    Feldor Scholar

    I'll be interested in Bolts. What are your prices?

  4. DracoIam

    DracoIam Rogue

    ((First two batches are a flat 2x production cost. Any batch after that is 1.5x the production cost.)) I have traveling workshops for Blacksmith, potions,and scrolls. All depends on what you want to buy.

    I'm going to be around my workshops this weekend so I can get a head start on orders if you get them in by this afternoon.

    I will be sure to build bolts to have on hand for you Pfeil. I sell them by the quiver, 2 silver per regular, 6 silver per silvered quivers.

    -Gertrude the Gruntuled Dwarf
  5. Renner

    Renner Scout

    I would like to buy twenty cure 20s please.

    I am a spider, generally wearing a black and purple sir coat with a dragon head embroidered onto it.

    Sir Tanis
  6. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    I am Zeth, Shaman of the Arahkounem Tribe, of the Silver Wolves.

    I am interested in purchasing Cleanse potions, though with Sir Tanis’ significant purchase, I don’t know how much of your standard supply remains before prices increase.

    I am interested in buying between five and ten Cleanse potions, however, depending on the cost.

    I am of the raccoon wylderkyn, with a green shield engraved with a large Tree of Life.
  7. Renner

    Renner Scout

    I am more than happy to cut my order in half if it gets you what you need, Zeth.
  8. DracoIam

    DracoIam Rogue

    Between my time this weekend if local needs are low, and 3 days visiting all of you I should be able to keep up with demand.

  9. Renner

    Renner Scout

  10. DracoIam

    DracoIam Rogue

    Sir Tanis the cost will be 8gold for 20 cure 20 potions.

    Shaman Zeth the cost will be 4 gold for 10 cleanse potions

    Pfeil, how many quivers are you thinking about?

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  11. Renner

    Renner Scout

    Thank you, I have gold set aside for you.

    Sir Tanis
  12. Feldor

    Feldor Scholar

    Lets start with 1000 bolts / 50 quivers but if things get intense, I'll probably be back for more. I'm can be pretty aggressive at throwing my gold at my enemies sometimes.
  13. jtsquish

    jtsquish Newbie

    I would like to purchase as many poison shield potions as you are willing or able to make.
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  14. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    Unfortunately, that is only available at alchemy.
  15. Samyania

    Samyania Scholar Seattle Staff

    Fortunately, they make everything else too.
  16. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    I did not think I saw alchemy offered.
  17. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    Oh, literally said everything else. My mistake
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  18. Surion Maedhros

    Surion Maedhros Newbie New Hampshire Staff Marshal

    Dear Gertrude,

    We haven't met, but I intend to travel to Straydn to do war with another Lich. I write to let you know this because I am also a master potionmaker, as well as a master scribe, and it is important to the effort that we quartermasters coordinate our efforts. I hope we have the opportunity to meet, mists willing.

    - Roon Polybius Dextermagus
    Legionnaire of the Nine Towers
  19. Kevar

    Kevar Fighter Seattle Staff Marshal

    Gertrude I can give ya all dah introductions ya need for those that have spoken hear. Will be good to see ya again.


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