Create Trap text change


Seattle Staff
So, the reason for my ARC post is because the text for Create Trap in .12 indicated that ranks of Create Trap were only required for arming and throwing, but in the beta ARB:

“With 1 rank of Create Trap they may try to disarm Noisemaker, Gas, Scroll, and Weapon Traps; with 2ranks they may attempt to disarm Explosive Traps; and with 3 ranks they may attempt to disarm Mechanical Traps.”

I wanted to make folks aware of this apparent change.


Was discussing this confusion the other night. At a total loss for how you know if you can disarm something until after it automatically blows up. Seems like it required a LOT more marshaling or big obvious "green trap is gas" type of markings if they're going to vary the disarm requirements. Thank you for asking this. A lot of people seem unaware of the wording change.
I'm currently HoR for Calgary, so my LCO ruling until further notice was that before disarming a trap, you tell a Marshal how many ranks of Create Trap you have, and they tell you whether or not you can attempt it based on that. For PC-set traps, they have to inform a Marshal as soon as possible what kind of trap they've set, and log it appropriately (by adding to a cabin's Marshal notes, for example).

It's not super elegant, and it definitely leaves a ton of room for metagaming due to the very uneven distribution of trap types across the ranks, but it's the best I could come up with when I saw Draven's question with only 4 hours before our game was supposed to start.