CSS Immunities

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I'd like a clarification on the effects of Controlled Spirit Store:

The Relevant CSS Rit Text: " The body being controlled by the spirit is immune to life and death effects (Life, Death, Death Poison, but NOT Killing Blows) and spirit rituals or effects unless the body is in contact with the bottle."

There are an awful lot of effects that are considered "Spirit Effects" - even a cursory search of the rule book turns up quite the list:

P 100: "A Purify will remove all harmful effects upon the spirit, which includes everything in the effects groups Alteration, Binding, Command, Curse, and Necromancy."

Entangle: "A Release spell, an Alchemical Solvent, or an Oil of Slipperiness will free a victim. It can also be removed by a Dispel. A Purify will not release the victim, as this is not an effect on the spirit."

P 121: "It will not remove effects in the Greater Command group even though those effects are on the spirit."

Are these intended?


For the purposes of CSS, the "Spirit Rituals or Effects" explicitly means any Ritual with a Spirit target or anything Plot defines specifically as Spirit targeting.

-Bryan Gregory
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