Current guild membership and rankings


Gettysburg Staff
Below you will find a list of all active and inactive members of the Clothiers Guild as well as their points accrued per gather. Each individual listing will represent a single adventuring year.

Moving forward, we will be using this format for each adventuring season. Points will be formatted as follows:

Member Name / Month 1 / Month 2 / Month 3 / Month 4 / Month 5 / Month 6 / Banked
Name McName...x/y/z

Where points are concerned:
"X" represents the total points earned by a member during a gather.
"Y" represents the number of points needed by a member to either maintain their rank or, if applicable, apply for advancement per existing guild membership guidelines.
"Z" represents the number of remaining points to be "banked". Remember: banked points may only be used to maintain one's rank in their absence. If a member is absent, they may not use banked points to attempt to qualify for advancement.

Special note! points may be earned by producing garb for the chapter (please see Rich for details)

When a member becomes eligible for promotion, that month's tally with be succeeded by an asterisk (*) and an abbreviation of the rank for which they qualify.

Guild Heads are expected to submit guild points subsequent every event to maintain their respective guild's database. Guild Heads who fail to report will face disciplinary action including but not limited to Very Public Chastisement and demotion.

The Guild Moderator will automatically blanket guild members who are absent a gather if they have the requisite number of banked points.
((OOG: you may also use Goblin Stamps at a rate of 2GS/guild point to maintain your rank if you a) miss an event and b) do not have any banked points. You may request GS-->guild point blankets via Logistics. Gobbied blankets will be denoted with two asterisks (**).))

For your reference, the requisite points for rank maintenance and advancement are as follows:
Initiate: 5 points to maintain rank; 8 points X 3 months to apply for promotion to Apprentice
Apprentice: 8 points to maintain rank; 10 points X 3 months to apply for promotion to Journeyman
Journeyman: 10 points to maintain rank; 13 points X 3 months to apply for promotion to Tradesman
Tradesman: 13 points to maintain rank; 15 points X 4 months + submission of completed Masterwork for review/approval to apply for promotion to Master
Master: 15 points to maintain rank; must maintain rank for 2 months to qualify for Guild Master nomination
Guild Master: 18 points to maintain rank


Gettysburg Staff
Adventurers' Guild - 1007 ((2014))

Zimps (aprtce/head).......x/x/x.....................x/x/0....................10/8/2........10/8/4........10/8/6*apprentice......8/8/0...................6


Eligible for promotion:
I'm not quite sure how to do the point system... I'm guessing since I see the heads of the other guilds do it... i can do it if someone teaches me. I can do lots of things with numbers and figuring things out. I mean if you'd like that is.