Darkest Before the Spring


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***The following is all considered knowledge your character may be aware of coming into "The Darkest Places", our Third full weekend event running from Friday March 10th - Sunday March 12th (The Darkest Places), and also recaps what has happened over the end of winter within Cerenys***

Since the last gathering of the people of Cerenys word has traveled to all four corners of Chalameria detailing the new dangers the fallen Sir Kensington presents to the outpost. Dame Linden has sent multiple missives to the scholars of Maram as well as Noetica to search for information on what may be empowering the once proud Hobling of Serratura. He has been described in detail as quite different from the good knight who was sent out to establish this outpost. The path to Cerenys has become frequented much more often with regular supplies making their way in. While some have been getting taken by the antagonistic forces within the dreamwood, a good amount are making their way into Cerenys. A new watchtower has also been established a little further north into the dreamwood, it is the hope of the Outpost commander that this will help to give some warning of any huge army heading towards the outpost. As of yet it seems to have no effect on the ever present danger of the bandit raids, the corrupted flora and fauna, and the undead minions presumably of the Akedians. Recently word has come of the pending arrival of Nobles from The Amber Steppes, and Macungee. There is some bright spots on the horizon though!

The now resident Gryphon of Cerenys has made contact with a Chimera whom has also seemingly been trapped within the dreamwood for sometime. While it doesn’t know it’s own name, or even what shape it wants to take, “Teddy” is convinced that helping it will help us all. There have also been strange occurrences and messages passed of visitors from afar, coming all the way down into town from across the seas east of Insignia, not to be confused with all of those traversing the mists to be here. It is said that these…visitors, have some strange customs, but seem to want to be helpful.

The tale of the books which have appeared have spread far and wide as well. Some have made the journey just to experience what it feels like to be “truly connected to their Order” though it would seem the feeling fades quickly enough when they leave the Dreamwood. Still, even non-noble members of the Orders seem to be starting to make their way to the outpost in the middle of the southern end of the Dreamwood.
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