Day of Days


San Francisco Staff
((The Empress' Voice))

“My friends, we approach a day of days, a reckoning towards which we have been working for many long years now. We have toiled, starved, thirsted, and spilled much blood together. We have braved horrors both of, and alien to this world. I have had the great pleasure, and honor to serve you, and Fortannis and I am grateful for each of your efforts, and burdens.
We approach our final efforts, and the culmination of many years of hard, and bloody work. Our foes are legion, and we have done what we can to prepare. So, now we come to where the metal meets the meat as they say.
You followed me to the prison, and you have followed me thus far. I ask you now to follow me one more time, hopefully the last time, and trust in the strategies that WinterChill has devised, I have never met a more competent commander, and KharaKhorum, Silence, and the Assacranti follow her. I ask that we too follow her.
She will divulge the final details as we get closer, as she very much believes in compartmentalization, but I will share this so we can better prepare.
Plue has given you the information that she can, and more yet still will come as you arrive. Prepare yourselves”.


I stand with you and all those who stand in Defense of our Land and Home.
From my First day to my Last.
- Squire Shin