Dec 12-14 Favorites


Post your favorites here! We want to hear what you liked best so that we can give you more of what you want!



I'll post my favorites when lunchtime arrives but I quickly want to say you guys have an amazing site! I spent a lot of time exploring the woods and lake and enjoying the scenery.
You guys also have a great staff running the chapter and I can't wait to come up again.
Favorites to arrive in a few hrs


Ok now.....favorites!
-the dryads! Tab, you guys did a great job on the costumes!
-dryad dancing!
-Meeting new PCs and getting to know others I have briefly met
-the poker tournament! I knew I had a good chance going in and also knew it would come down to Tab and I. We could have gone on all night long grinding it out if we hadn't agreed on splitting it. It was an honor going heads up :)
-dark ogres! Npcs, you Guys rocked being so few.
-the ball! The ensuing chaos from the betrayal and Vox being enslaved beforehand, added to an already tense situation!
And of course, thank you staff and npcs (again) for the weekend! Great job guys!
Until next time,
Ryan S
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A few disjointed favorites:

Getting jumped by a single Ogre Friday night. You were half successful sir, you got an adventurer alone. Just the wrong one.

Getting asked by every Dark elf and half the human NPC's how I afforded the clothes

Unlocking the achievement for wearing every Hat I brought

debriefs over coffee

Showing a nine-towers person their first Ritual Magic scroll.

Explaining to same nine towers person the horrible ignominious fate of the Breech spawn when it met two Golems...and explaining what a Golem was.

Figuring out the secondary schtick of the chapter.

See you all next time (I hope)

Joe S.
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Good times all around

Thank you NPCs! - You guys really put your hearts into it and it helped really bring me into the game
-Corrupted humans
-The corruption and taint jokes
-All of the roleplaying I got to do with PCs and NPCs alike
-Dark Elves. I commend you guys on doing the make-up over and over again.
-Dark ogres and Cass the bloody. Great fighting all around
-Taking bets on who/what would betray us.
-Learning more about everything and myself
-Dryad dancing. Shake that bush.
-Finding out problems from other lands and feeling so moved that I'm going to make some very bad suggestions to my commander.
-The site is worth a favorite as it was gorgeous.
-"Alor, you might like this or you might cry."
-Half-dressed saving of lives.

Thank you staff for putting on the game for us! I do hope I can come back! Possibly with reinforcements.
Great Time for my first time.

Not sure what was special and what was common but what I enjoyed:
Grak and the Goblins, its about time goblins got some respect.
The Dryads: just everything they did.
Adventurer Stories, from everyone.
Actual fear during the Battle of the Ball, despite being huddled inside the Tavern throughout.
The kind words and advice I got from everyone I talked to. You all made what could have been a terrible weekend into a great one.


Ooh, let's see.

-Getting to meet Nimbus Stormtalon in-game at last, and kissing up to all of the Dark Elf nobility.
-A vacation from troubles at home, but also advice from seasoned adventurers about how to deal with them.
-The meteor shower. Looking at it from Val's perspective was very moving, and I enjoyed a very philosophical discussion with Himson about life and the universe while watching it.
-Swank accommodations, and reserving even ritzier lodging for next game.
-My alchemy practical, which involved passing off a handful of intoxicate elixirs to unfortunate victims, some of which got hallucinates as an added bonus.
-Hearing screams for help around 2 am and being in the right place at the right time to be a hero with nothing but first aid and my pajamas.
-Forming new bonds with my kin of other lands, which is probably the most rewarding thing I do in-game.
-Mustering the nerve to learn how to waltz from a haughty Dark Elf, who was the most hilarious to talk to.
-Finding out the one guy at the masquerade who was pretty swell wanted to kill us all. Still, I'd give him another chance.
-Seeing Kur upping the scary/hot factor simultaneously.
-Aura snowball fight
-Trading pinecones with friendly goblins
-Giving a fellow merchant a small head start in the world
-Watching Daji scoop handfuls of poker chips toward her corner of the table, and making all kinds of friends


Gettysburg Staff
I had a great time this weekend all around!

  • Makeshift team... representatives from 4 or 5 different lands, 3 or 4 teams, and not a lot in common worked out pretty well.
  • The first party Alor stayed sober for in... well... ever.
  • Vitamin E shenanigans
  • Definitions of the word "misbehaving"
  • "Do it slower"
  • Shrub refit guardians... "enjoy the view"
  • The mystery of the wandering gloves.
Maybe more later. .
I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to our first event, with a special thanks to Mike Meeker who spent his birthday on Friday with us.

My favorites for the weekend... From monster camp side of things:
Ambushing PCs as bandits then getting laughed to death.
Playing Sir Blackfire of house Songmoulder most of the weekend, it was a very interesting story arc for him for the weekend.
Dryad dancing
PCs' reaction to smart goblins.
Nobody rezed but everyone was afraid to go anywhere alone.


First off, I have to thank Lauren K., Matt, and his wife! Without them, I would have been stuck in the cabin all weekend and not able to participate at all!

Secondly, The NPCs that ran themselves all weekend along with Perkins who essentially made the event happen as I was indisposed. You guys were amazing and there would have been no event without you!

On to some favorites:
  • So much of this
    Nobody rezed but everyone was afraid to go anywhere alone.
  • Watching PCs interact with the story and investing themselves in it.
  • Marshalling both discovery mods about how the Tainted Lands work.
  • Hearing different reactions to the way we took common pre-conceptions and flipped them on their head.
  • Getting called a bastard and an a-hole in the most loving ways!
  • Turning little problems into big problems for the PCs.
  • Watching the chaos happening inside while Kas waited for the PCs to come out and play, then getting murder-faced by the PCs! (Yes, I know he didn't drop any loot, but you'll's for a good reason, I promise!)
  • Getting to storm into town and yell at PCs, getting yelled at back, and hugging it out OOG. Fabulous RP, Emily!
  • "Simon's going to go make them angry in the way that only Simon can."

I am SO EXCITED for March-ish! There will be more of the surrounding world being introduced and some more variety in the creatures seen. Hope to see you then...and bring your friends, you're going to need them! ~evil grin~



New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
- Dryads, especially the dryad dance.
- Convincing the hallucinating dance instructor to get down, and watching Simon be unduly suspicious that I wouldn't play nice.
- Aishling. The running commentary of were the Ardesh could go, the calm declaration of resources, and being a role model adventurer healer.
- Actually no joke helpful goblins.
- The site is gorgeous and the cat is the best NPC.
- The RP surrounding unwillingness to hurt the tainted human woman.
- The RP in general. I've seen PCs entertain themselves for long spans before but this was the next level, since the RP didn't really pause when crunch came out.
-Ericka's Ardesh healer snarkily muttering that adventurers are idiots.
-Such lovely ball outfits and masks.


Had a great time! It was totally worth the drive and I'm already figuring out how I'm going to manage coming down next year! Good job, folks.
In no particular order:
1) Seeing everyone's face when the dark elf told me to attack: "Oh man, Vox... please don't" *GASSESSSS*
2) Sphinx questionnaire. Why did they get the easy ones!?
3) Late night chats with my bunk mates.
4) Teaching Dagi to be... dodgie.
5) Seeing the look on certain NPC faces when Vox did something noble. (There's an underlying reason, I assure you)
6) An interesting quasi-team beginning to form
7) "Wait when did Cure Crit become an elixir" "DON'T QUESTION IT"
8) Despite dying on Sunday, still being able to NPC a body on the ground.