December 2019 A'A Event Favorite Moments

Hello everyone! Thank you again for joining us last weekend in Aer'Astrea! We would love to hear from you, about moments big and small. Anything that made this game memorable, funny, sad, fantastic or just plain cool for you. ^_^

Thank you in advance! Luv you all!


I will start! These are in absolutely no particular order, just brain vomit through my keyboard onto a screen.
  1. The standoff between Aqua and Orelianna (I probably butchered that name) in the tavern and alllll of the ensuing RP that came out of it. The deal to get the Mark removed, discussing our pasts, Orelianna's face when I told her that it was I who was on the tribunal that Marked Khyriel. All just fantastic RP throughout the entire weekend.
  2. The Stone Elementals coming into town to tell us about the weaknesses of the Void Elementals. It was killing me how slowly they talked, I had to bury my face in my scarf when they would talk and then especially when they were eating. I had to inform them of how to eat an orange and a banana -- no, you don't eat the hard outside part, you eat the soft part inside! No, you don't do that to people... Good stuff.
  3. The moving fight Saturday night was an absolute nightmare from the perspective of leading it. People end up refitting at different points in the battle and some of them have to be interrupted so we can move the rear element forward. All of this done to protect the adventurers and those they are helping, but it was a logistical hassle. Thank you to VV and to Khyriel for holding the line back there.
  4. Dwarven drinking song! That was an absolutely fantastic RP interlude after the fight and something that was desperately needed, I think, for everyone in there. I absolutely love seeing the tavern come alive with song and (hopefully one day) music.
  5. Disease chat in the wooded tunnel. Jimmy nonchalantly leaning against a tree.
  6. Accidental "Memorization Meetup" before the fight on Saturday! It started as just a little chat between myself and Ian but ended up with a bunch of other casters around the table pitching in and talking about what the weaknesses of the elementals were and what we should all memorize. That conversation was close to 15 minutes long and it was truly enjoyable.
  7. Taking a step back from numerous plot lines on purpose so that other people can get involved. I know this sounds a little weird to say "I enjoyed not doing something" but what I do absolutely enjoy is watching new people get involved in plot lines that they can really sink their teeth into. Fantastic game design from the Plot team that there are here and the entire plot line doesn't have to be guided or moved around by high level players.
  8. CSI: SEDOVA. "Yeeeaaaaaah!"
  9. The party where people shared memories of the year gone by and wishes of prosperity for the year coming up. I absolutely loved it and I wish I had thought more about it and put something together from the Bittersong Meadows. A moment missed for myself but it was wonderful to have a break. Even though the break was constantly interrupted with business. Heh.
  10. Getting my Regeneration cast on me! Wooohooo! That True Empowerment came in unbelievably handy throughout the event, allowing me to take half-damage from Evocation. Thank you, Luke, as well, for the wonderful ritual casting.
  11. Seeing Kel again! What a treat. :D
  12. Watching Amory cast her first ritual. I loved the props and the determined terror on her face concerning what could happen if the casting was messed up.
  13. Khyriel's arc has been fantastic to watch develop and alllll of this fallout from a simple agreement with the Fae...
  14. "Adventurer Telephone". We are just terrible about this. I got to the gather and was told that an ambassador had been assassinated. When I went to talk to the assassinated ambassador they looked at me like I had sprouted wings. Turns out it was the bodyguard to an ambassador that was assassinated. Hahaha.
This is not even an exhaustive list. This event was absolutely 100% an incredible experience from start to finish.
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I am still processing this game, my goodness. I've had a hard time starting this list, because so many strange and awesome things happened this game!

  • Ian's face when he thought for a second that Pytan had joined the Consortium...

  • All the Oriella/ Khyriel RP and that DAMNED Mark! ;)

  • Squaring off against Aqua as Oriella, with a fist-full of globes behind my back. Including noticing during the shouting match, from the corner of my eye, Durnic sloooowly drawing his sword because he'd spotted the globes. Meanwhile Tasian looked more and more stressed standing behind Aqua.

  • Late night, extremely cool Theater of the Mind, Mental RP session with Khyriel and B'jorn to fix his Void Taint. (Thanks for being understanding, btw, you two. I was NOT about to get back into that goddamned corset again! *sticks tongue out*)
    That was my first real experience with mental RP and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

  • Theah getting to see a drunk Durnic. "Wait... this scary, powerful knight is... just a dude? A dude who gets drunk? Huh..."
    And in that same scene, Theah + Panda RP. <3 So glad she got to be cheerful for, like, 2.5 seconds. :p

  • Being hit twice with 'Sleep' as Lillian, and not being able to carry those Damned cups more than five steps. *facepalm*
    Also, just getting to be her and observing how you all chose to handle that situation. I loved every minute of it. ^_^
    She is so glad she chose to come to Darellin and Khyriel for help... ;)

  • Watching Apo bring Menowin to life and all the awesomeness that ensued from that. <3

  • The New Years Cultural Celebration, including Kel's DEVIOUS DEVIOUSNESS! >u<
Again, in no particular order:

Sticky Sandwiches 2: The Betrayal. How many weapon sleep attacks does Bjorn have??? Lol. That song made me laugh for hours after we died.

Mental RP with Corin. I'm not supposed to be crying as an Elemental for fucks sake.

The tournament. Kel using dirty tricks to win against a level 2 fighter. Rude!

Throwing a 45 stone bolt and hitting Gravel by accident when 2 PCs dodged the packet. Well, ****.

Going in as Mommy Shade and meeting Drex. Me-"I wish to fight you." Drex- "Alright!" Only to have Panda and Amory show up at the last second screaming for him to stop.

Aqua vs Oriella. I mean, come on. I'd sell tickets to that fight.

Dwarven drinking song. Next time, bring more bottles. That was so much fun.

Everyone at the party trying to give me food with fruit in it. Trying desperately to politely turn them down, only to have someone explain that it was because it would make me want to "F or F" and that either might cause an international incident.

Bjorn very politely challenging Narok to a duel, and the mental image it conjured. That fight would be... Yikes.

And again, thanks to all the new people who showed up and brought so much energy to the game.


This event was beyond phenomenal. I'm definitely missing things on this list, because it was almost non-stop moving or thinking, and so many damn things were going on all around.
  1. "Why are you shaking? What's that on your hand?!!"
  2. That chat with Baqi on Friday night.
  3. A 5 am conversation that finally rearranged every piece into its proper place, and shattered a year's worth of delusions, held together with pride, self-pity, and duct tape, in the process.
  4. I went to bed on "Friday" night, planned to talk to Oriella, then either Tasian or Aqua, in that order, in the morning and build the case for why the mark needed to come off. First thing that happens Saturday morning is that I walk into the tavern to find Oriella and Aqua already squaring off.
    1. The look Tasian and I shared of "yeah, we're just gonna let our ambassadors shout at each other for a bit, because **** getting in the middle of that...."
  5. The second time I've been a player's first ritual subject, coincidentally enough also an Unmark. Again, I just love to see everyone's varying ritual kits and styles, it's always a delight.
    1. Speaking of styles, I really thought Amory pouring tea on the ritual scroll was a nice touch. Too bad Christine didn't register that ritual scroll had multiple charges. Whoops. <3
  6. "Then you may call me Granny."
  7. Casual chats with Disease in the woods.
  8. "I have taken another step...." Seriously, I felt like I'd hit the climax at this point in the story, but that was just the rising action.
  9. The New Year's celebrations were so good. Plot did a stellar job in crafting a theme there, and it was super impactful for Khyriel in moving on from his guilt and looking to the future. I'm sure it was just as significant to many other players.
    1. Except for that part where tired-friendly Corin/buzzed Khyriel nearly started an international incident in offering something with mint to Baqi. Again. =|
    2. Deciding to give someone another chance, and the conversation that ensued.
  10. Thuldor's general level of enthusiasm throughout the event, and his near victory in the grand melee.
  11. Leaving Isodel a note in Bjorn's head that's almost certainly going to vex her.
  12. Little fox, sleeping under a tree. Getting away with outrageously shady mental shenanigans on the fly.
  13. Legitimately and slowly explaining to Keflin and his Consortium pals the specific details of the mental services contract he was signing to get Khyriel to look at memories from last gather...then quickly glossing over the bit about the mental healer taking "additional liberties" if "unexpected circumstances" arose, when I had a 99% certainty IG of exactly what those unexpected circumstances would be.
  14. All the things going on in the background that I didn't have the time to interact with. We had a high NPC to PC ratio, and it really helped to make this event super immersive. For exactly zero seconds did I think "there's nothing going on" in a way that pulled me hard out of game.
  15. The sheer amount of unplannable happenstance that led to Khyriel being the only PC with the potential brain powers necessary to get what I'm assuming was the S-rating for player success this event. It utterly upended my expectations for where his arc would go, in the best of all possible ways.
  16. All of the new players, PC and NPC, at whatever level of larp comfort/experience they had. Everyone I interacted with brought an A game, and I am not just being polite about that. You all rock, and I love the enthusiasm and heart that you're bringing.
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Keeping it vaguely chronological and way longer than it needs to be, as per the usual :p

- Being the last plot member on site, and being able to jump right into the thick of it with minimal anxiety and maximum fun! I love being on this team <3 #partyplot #5headedplothydra​
- Coming into MC from the Friday night fight, putting cards and garb away, and excitedly getting the next things on the schedule ready to head out the door-- only to realize it was already past 2 AM! Half of us looked at each other and realized, "yeah, we should proooobably go to bed."​
- Jodi's portrayal of Danau! Holy crow, I had to try so hard to stay exasperated in-character and not start laughing.​
- Me: "I think I'm gonna go in as Bavaikas for lunch."​
Me, two hours later, no lunch: "MISTAKES WERE MADE"​
- Seriously though, dragon RP remains some of my favorite. Y'all are fantastic.​
- EVERYTHING from the New Year's Party! Mortikai's dragon memorial, story time with Luke, SO much drinking, and the Grand Melee, to name a few favorites. Also, Amory wearing butterflies made my night <3 Christine! You're the best!​
- The night fight on the Plane of Stone. Not sure how it felt on an OOG level from the PC side, but we felt we were able to accomplish exactly what we wanted to accomplish, with the exact tone we wanted on the field. Thank you to all who helped make it happen <3​
- Bavaikas meeting Disease-- then, as they offer to rift us away, looking back at the tavern and seeing Mortikai, Panda, and Durnic BOOKING IT outside to stop them. The sheer panic made my evil plot heart swell :')​
- Last but most certainly not least, all of the NPCs, new and old, without whom literally none of my favorite moments would've happened! It was such a treat to have both brand new and very experienced players fleshing out our monster camp this event. Thank you so much for absolutely killing it, and giving us a nutso NPC/PC ratio! That's when big town fights get fun, and RP gets immersive. I hope to see everyone back in February!​


Better late than never? >.>

In no particular order....
  • Got to cast my first ritual! Glad for the push from Kel/Ben. It was a neat experience and I’ll have it more refined {and all the right stuff} next go around.

  • The Anna/Mother storyline. That’s such a heart wrenching back and forth, and I’m glad I can be a part of it. Took a minute after to go have a small cry after escorting the two back.

  • Puzzle traps on the Plane of Stone. That four part puzzle was really neat, and I liked the timing mechanic. Made for an interesting addition to the fight.

  • All the really neat, fun, entertaining new year celebrations. Didn’t think I’d be making snowflakes, but it was a good break. Also Mortikai’s memorial for the Dragons had me tearing up for the second time Saturday.

  • Good luck! That drinking song was awesome.

  • Brian’s quiet, polite, totally chill Dryad dumping, like, five silences into a PC for being disrespectful to the dead.

  • All of the very nearly international incidences. Everywhere. All the time :confused:

  • Getting to see how fast I can run an auction, hint - not fast actually, and still having the time for the info meeting interrupted by Disease -.-
I'm sure I missed a few, it was an oddly busy game ^.^; As always, I love all the RP with all of you, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next game.


- Surprising Plot by going through the gate earlier than it was supposed to be open (due to a misunderstanding from the This Week in Aer'Astra post. Oops.) Then of course the ONE lair card we look at is an Ambush.

- Spellcrafting. SO MUCH SPELLCRAFTING. I mean, that's one of the things I want to do with Kel, but Oi VEY!

- Baron Hivius saying I was being disrespectful with the red belt, and then taking it off, handing it to her and saying "Then give it back when I'm worthy of it."

- Toasts to those that are no longer with us.

- Old age and treachery beating youth and enthusiasm.

- Dwarven drinking songs. Seriously that was awesome.

- "Wait... those brownies are 'ruined'?" "Well, I have high standards."

- People's surprise that I can do decent massages _through_ chainmail.

- A certain plaque that I have which in game is up in the Dryad village. I'll miss playing you Old Man. And thanks @Sita .

- "Oh... oh my. I just dressed down a dragon... in public. I've changed... a lot."

- Kel's internal conflicts on memorizing Subjugate, again, and all the irrational justifications he's working through on it. Doubly so because it was so gorramn effective.

- Being confronted by Tainted in the morning, in my "skivvies" and just noping my way back into my warded bunk. Thanks to the NPCs who left me alone and let me get into kit at that point.

- Letters and plans from Sylvanborn who have gone home.