December Event Favorite Moments


- "Zeth! You fix that right now!"

- Tsunami and Dream mod... you are all excellent! Super excited to be Dominus and do some fun things with y'all. Gotta love the raccoon clan.

- The Death Count, and counting the last 13 seconds out loud for Ben and the small surrounding NPC crowd... And counting all the way to 0, saying "Body disa-" when Ben exclaims "No no no! You got hit with that Life spell in the foot at 3 seconds!". Them promptly getting smacked for 22 Death. Booyah!

- During the Saturday night fight, being dead, then Life'd... then Smacked in the Face by a Bear! Then hit with another healing spell.... then Smacked in the Face by a Bear! Being dead for a couple of minutes, getting a Spellstike Life.... then Smacked in the Face by a Bear!

- Broken Mists go on an adventure! I really enjoyed the scaling on our undead mod. It was tough, but not too tough.

- Talks with Slice and with Avaran were great, as usual. Kasuni's questions might be too blunt sometimes, even for Slice.

- Talking with Larys, something compelling Kasuni to spill all of her innermost secrets (probably sleep deprivation), and then following with, "Uh... so now that I've told you all that about me... Well, I haven't mentioned most of that to anyone before. How confidential is all this?"

- The Mythical Johan! Everyone I was sitting with was being super quiet, and he was so enthusiastic about everything. I absolutely had to go hang out with that guy!

- The Pain and Purity mod was super neat. Scary at first, but then awesome.

- Visioning the goblin clothes while sleep deprived. "I don't understand this vision at all. You're saying he killed like 50 guys in a row. That doesn't even make sense. Are they in a row??"

- Had a couple of great other little chats with Jem, Avisto, Dab, Garrick, Zeth, and more!

- As usual, everything with the Broken Mists was a blast!

Super fun event, one of my favorites! Thanks to all of the PCs and NPCs that I had the opportunity to interact with!


"Vellis this is too dangerous for you."
"I will go regardless."
"Well okay but stay hidden."
190 SLAY*
"Your assessment was correct."
*literally more than 30 times my BP. Just an insane degree of overkill.

The barbarian was the only one who accepted tea after his resurrection.

"You know that making her laugh would cause her actual, physical pain, right?" Because I know making Garrick feel bad is like shooting fish in a barrel but it's fun.

Earth Guild rescuing the Celestial Guild Saturday morning

Everyone is now pretty much used to Vellis' straight tavern creepin'

Slapdash House of Temperance and Ruin coming together and rocking it like last-minute goth Avengers

Poor Ashlyn trying to teach Vellis how to high-five

Surprise ogre in the earth circle

I dunno man I love everybody in this bar


Great weekend everyone - thank you to plot, NPCs, and PCs!

Some favorites:

- The Tsunami and Dream mod and getting to hang in the cuddle corner - albeit ill and knocked out with a sleep spell.
- The Pain and Purity mod - what a cool experience with some of my favorite adventurers!
- Getting Vellis and Krieger pulled into fun-times in Roann's mind. To be continued....
- Teaching. So many great teaching experiences with some great characters.
- Getting to spend some time with our favorite Biata - Johann the Mythical - and helping his dreams come true (despite it involving being knocked out - again - and dragged into a celestial circle). Thank you to Rayzela for the bells that will hopefully prevent future surprises.
- Watching Kasuni do some interesting acrobatics over/under a table (it was a blur) to say hello to Johann.
- Great chats with Sprig, Marcus, Fox, Ryabel, Dab, Rothgar, Larix, Zeth, Galley, Scruffy, and many others!
- Learning that Ryabel did not, in fact, do something to cause the demise of the town.
- Vellis' calm response to the surprise ogre in the Earth circle.... as the rest of us run out crying for help.
- The great! Thank you!!
- Everything with the New Leaf Academy / Earth Guild - love you peeps for keeping Garrick's spirits up. He'd be in a darker place without you all!
-....oh...and the pot of hope. My precious!
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I had such a great time that I had dreams about IG and OOG merging Sunday Night.

Some of my favorites

-Pretty much anytime Gally and Vellis were being polar opposites.
-Wait... what.. I was useful? I was useful! (Going on a mod with a blunch of highbies)
-Nova going "You know.. this monster isn't really hitting all that hard, Fox, get in there" and me going "You mean I actually managed to hit it?"
-Ryabel telling Gally the story of the fearsome dryad adventurer from his home
-"From now on, you need a cleaning buddy."
-Gambling with Maven lead to so many fun RP conversations.
-Setting off a amnesia trap Sunday morning in the middle of trying to rouse help for a dead body.
-Just getting to the point were I use the rules enough to actually start learning them. It's one thing to read them and another to have to use what you learned.


Oh boy... what an event....

- "This is not what I expected." "I call upon the power of Spirit and Blood to..." "HEEEELLLP!"
- Being the most hated Plot member by being the plot member up in the morning on Saturday/Sunday.
- "I grant you the gift of Life" *Watches packet flying from downtown thinking... no way... and then the packet hitting Kasuni in the boot.*
- Shin prisoned in the dying cockroach stance.
- Watching information exchange actually happen when I told one and exactly one person that there were two groups of big bads coming... and the information actually spread for a change.
- "Remember, I'm the _nice_ one."
- Squeaky voiced Luke.


- realizing that i may want to rethink the whole staying in a cabin alone with no ward thing while i was standing "neked" in an earth circle created by my belt at 7:00 in the morning staring an intense ogre right in that face.
-that ogre being wholly discussed by my ritual scroll to the point that he decided to leave me be and move on to better cabins.
- adventure time with Zodiac and the most efficient puzzle solving I've ever been a part of.
-The house of Base and Reason seriously some of the coolest people that I can't wait to spend more time with in game.
-becoming Dominus, one part pure terror at the prospect of being responsible and one part pure excitement.
- the equilibrium fight was so awesome with the fog and moon. The fact that i was pretty well tapped out gave me the opportunity to just enjoy the moment.
-the big Saturday night fights were so awesome for me, sprinting between the two fights and finding each group in progressively worse shape until I thought we might be done for was insane.


Hah! Almost forgot that moment with Melvyn. For the record, that was after 8. I made sure we didn't leave monster camp until then. ;)


Oh man. Uh. Here goes:

1) The Equilibrium Pain and Purity mod. That was incredible, one of my personal best scenes I've ever had. I loved it. Even if it started by Seth leading the four of us into a dark room. No, wait. It started by about half of our intended party rifting in, because that was the half accidentally touching me. That wasn't disconcerting at all!

2) Ryabel. "When you tell the Earth Guild -and a member of Temperance and Ruin- to guard a body. They. Guard. A. Body!"

3) Tsunami and Dream Mod. First five minutes staring at the monsters knowing that trying to really contribute would make a certain MWE a little upset. Seeing the raccoons getting pressed and mentally saying "Screw it. Let's go." And all the fallout!

4) Teaching Gally and Vellis.

5) Learning about Vellis.

6) Sijik. Criminy...

7) Dinner with the family!

8) Finding out how a certain new gypsy killed her first goblin, and the level of OOG success that implied. It gave me so many feels.

9) All things Kasuni.

10) The rest of the event. It was really that good.


Part of me wishes so hard I could have seen Ryabel yell at Zeth, but of course if I had been it wouldn't have happened.


-the saturday fight, not being able to see past a point but still feeling useful.
-knowing there was a dude around the corner of the inn, poking my face around the corner, and yelling just in time to be downed in one hit.
-circle of pc's around a poor not so defenseless ghost.
Big thank you to all the people that kept me running during the saturday fight at the inn, I would of died so many times over without you.


-All of the obviously hard work that the staff and NPC's put into things. Can't say "Thank-you" enough.
-Three seconds to spare and the rest of the Sat night fight.
-The Broken Mists mod Saturday afternoon was really fun. Rough, but a lot of fun.
-Running like a scared-person from Gabe's caster Saturday night after taking a 90 Elemental Flame to the chest. OW!
-Seeing Polare in the circle, and accepting that he was going to resurrect...
-Nova. Oh , man, Nova. Saving the day HARD.
-The Pain and Purity (I think) Mod Sat. night with Zeth, Kasuni, and Garrick. That was awesome.
-The rock from Furio's Box. I don't know what it does, but it's better than the lump of coal I was expecting...
-Conversing with Eli and Taliya in the Tavern Saturday afternoon.
-Zodiac Saturday night.
-Chats with Kasuni.
-Tantarus. In fine form as always.


Awesome event as ever!

- So many fantastic costumes! I was really impressed by the constant level of excellent costuming for all the various monsters and NPCs!
- Saturday morning wake up in Zodiac. 8:30 AM. Who needs shoes!
- Slip Dodge a Slay, then proceeded to butcher the Goblin attack squad.
- Late night Cosmological teaching session with Eldore, Nova and the Deep End Diver (props to you dude, welcome to the crazy side).
- Shin's late night panic attack.
- Dominus Chronus? Feelings? Direct Answers?! Now we know we are really screwed.
- Talks with Sumnus: Some of the best old man-mentor figure stuff ever. 5000 years old and still spry! Eat right an exercise!
- Kasuni breaking the Good/Bad News @ 4:00AM Saturday morning about sticking her hand through the Barrier in Reality! But Don't worry everything is fine! We're all fine here!
- Sparring is always great. Tuck those elbows... Every damn time
- Knife Fight: Next Game, Hard mode is Knives Only
- Light and Lies! Teleport Deep Strike attack! And Avaran! Now we will collect them all!
- Getting to fight as a House on the field rather often was awesome
- Squire Talks on the beach with Slice. Made the event. As always Holly, Thank you :3. It's those moments that we really get to see characters, histories: past present and future. See how they grow. The things Slice said really shocked Shin in the best of ways.
- Getting ready to jump the Rainbow 'Fae'. Totally shady. Totally rad. Thank you Jason for being you. That was perfect.
- Talking to Takara. Long overdue and some deep sadness finally to the surface. Was surprised how it came together rather perfectly.
- Oddly enough, as much as it sucked - there was some cool things going down with Dying due to circle Res. Earned that ticket, just a little.
- Huge shout out to Ben for being as ever an astoundingly excellent plot member. Amazing Roleplay. Amazing Plot guidance and GMing. I am hugely impressed and thankful! Thank you again, for everything!
- Drinking with the Herald. Rings.
- Tucan Beads. Tanis' shock. But really, are any of you surprised?
- Sunday morning Jersey Elementals. Flawless! Thank you guys so damn much.
- Zodiac Saturday night. I was and still am pretty damn speechless. I did, however, finally connect all the dots! Shin's proudest moment.
- New shiny Squire Belt: Jaimi, You are simply amazing and have rocked my world! Thank you so much!
- The Prank War continues.
See you all next time!


Doing a "character first" in outright yelling at another player. Evan, I love you. Next, booze and women!
That five minutes when everybody thought Ryabel had destroyed the town, and walking into the New Leaf building to see everybody SUPER SERIOUS and not at all happy to see me.
Johan the MYTHICAL. Rhys loves 'im. Ryabel is caught in both eternal suspicion and delight - as long as he's more than ten feet away.
Confining a goblin in the tavern and then looking around at Garrick like "Okay, well... what do?"
Vellis and Ryabel being the New Leaf Academy cats and bringing home dead bodies left and right.
The Horrible Ringing Bowl of Ryabel Banishing

Ry: "wat okay fine, lemme shoes"
Ry: "So where's this dead body?"
Gally: "...what dead body?"

Festive Sprig
Being a part of the House of Rumor and Conjecture, AND the House of Pain and Purity. I hear you can be a part of both of them.

The super fantastic conversation with Rayzela (which may or may not be her name!) on Sunday morning that was just delightful and helped Ryabel learn some new things about himself.

You guys rock. Thank you for a great time.


  • Receiving my belt and becoming Equitem for House of Fate and Fury.
  • Conversations with Takara and Killian about the Bittersong Meadows where we, the players, are making things up on the fly. Gonna have to remember that stuff for later.
  • Talking to Takara about Shin and her family.
  • The conversation with everyone in the New Leaf Academy cabin with Sijik.
  • Getting to tell part of the Bittersong Meadows creation myth to a bunch of people who aren't from the Meadows.
  • A random goblin who put up his hands saying, "I don't want any of that" and running away after I accidentally stabbed Seth in the neck with my boffer during the Saturday night fight. Sorry, Seth! <3
  • Killian finding an 18-month old lair card in the woods (under a rock!) and Plot being cool enough to actually run that mod for us.


-Dying. So many fun roleplaying things happened because I threw myself at way too many high lvl mobs so Allara could get away.
-Walking back to the Tavern With Dab after I died with him yelling "Nothing to see here, just a naked barbarian!"
-Getting blown up by the Von Traaps, then stripping down and running "naked" back to the cave to leave them a present of my own design.
-Looking a Goblin in the eye after him hitting me with a "50 assassinate" grinning like a madman and saying "Taken."
-Getting yelled at constantly for being overzealous and overstretching in battle "Damn it Bjorn!"
-Bjorn's "Wards" being the only ones that were not ripped down.
-Monster Camp specifically throwing in some lower lvl mobs for me when I went on a mod with people 3 times my lvl.
-Teaming up with Luke for the Equilibrium fight. Shielded caster and polearm fighter FTW.
-The split fights for high and low lvl. I was only in the right spot on Saturday, but that whole night felt like a gritty, no holds barred fight. It was awesome.
-Going back to my cabin alone Saturday night and getting jumped by 4 goblins and full out sprinting away from them so that I wasn't fighting them alone. Followed by an hour of hunting them through the woods.
-Scaring Allara as she realized how we were getting in and out of the cabin all weekend.
-Other Barbarians!


- Dreaming (in game) about Shin dying when all I wanted to do (in game and out) was actually sleep and being woken up to screams for help.
- Somewhat re-establishing somewhat not hostile relations towards Roann.
- Having to use and Endow for the first time to save an overzealous friend. :p
- Sleeping almost completely geared up so we can run out and save the Celestial Guild. You're welcome by the way. ;)
- Officially becoming a member of the New Leaf Academy and given one of those sweet bag/banner/waistband bad *** things.
- Getting confused for a healer for the rest of the weekend for having said sweet bag/banner/waistband bad *** thing.
- Roleplaying being taught to read for at least a half hour by Garrick, and then spending another half hour or so learning more things from him.
- Being suspected as bad of a person as Roann for having being associated with him during previous... events...

All and all a great game. Can't wait to go again.