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Calan walks into the sanctum looking for Evo. Nobody was in sight so he sat down to wait does anyone who could direct him to the location of the Magi.
After some time, the magus arrives and greets Calan. "I'm still not quite used to your eyes. Not a bad thing at all, mind-- it's just a bit sudden from this perspective." Evo studies Calan's features uncompromisingly. "What can I help you with?" His eyes flick to the door. "If you'd like privacy, we can speak in my chambers."


Calan smirks at the mention of his eyes. Calan closes his eyes tightly.
“You know, I don’t think I could imagine not being able to see.”
Calan opens his eyes again.
“I am sorry to be taking you from whatever you are up to. The last thing I want is to disturb your studies or what have you. “

Calan looks around the sanctum and the faintest sense of déjà vu passes over him.

“ there really isn’t any need to step into your private chambers unless there is something you would say to me privately. I just wished to both ask and tell you something.”

Calan pauses a moment to try and find a way to articulate what he was feeling.

“I want you to know that this is not a choice I came to Easily; witnessing the grinding of the live fae children was a factor in the decision, but it wasn’t the only factor.”

Images of the scorched battle field that Calan died in flashed through his mind.

“ I have seen what could come of this shard first hand, I have seen a people denied rest caught in and endless cycle of being hunted. I have encountered a people who have forgotten themselves. I have seen a shard barren and scorched. This is a fate I do not care to see again any time soon. Jinn has shown me enough to convince me that I had once trusted his council, and has filled me in on the danger that faces this shard now. The fate is too similar to the land I have just returned from. As I said this is something I can not ignore.”

He pauses to take a breath.

“I also vaguely feel a responsibility for dealing with this biata who’s memories we recently viewed; I feel I need to see that run it’s course. Finally, I am grateful to you for having been considerate enough to allow me to take some time to consider all of this but I trust you, I trust Jinn, and most importantly, I trust myself. So I would like you to take me back as a ranked member of the guild. I would also ask that you consider it as though I’d never left to any official capacity. I wish to be the best version of my self, to do the most good possible. I feel this is where I can meet these goals.”

Calan pauses and awaits for Evo to respond.
"Then as I have promised, I welcome you back to the Sanctum with open arms! There's much to be done, and we need your skill, your passion, and your conscience. "

Evo pauses and darkens. "That is an experience I sincerely hope never to put anyone through again. I deeply regret not stopping the mission before it began. But--"

Evo's eyes lock with Calan's: "I want you to ask more questions up front. The time for doubt is before we commit, not in the middle when our companions' lives are on the line. I'm not chastising you for withdrawing, I am imploring you to speak up sooner, that none of us are in the position where you must withdraw."

The magus pauses to let Calan respond.


Calan nods.

“I completely understand; I’m the future I will do just that. sometimes it’s hard to know what to ask until you have been presented with a reason to ask the the time I was just thankful to recognize anyone and wanted to be helpful to Ruki.”

Calan pauses to consider what to say next. While for the most part, he could think clearly at times it was as though there were a thousand histories influencing those thoughts.

“I am deeply troubled by what occurred to Ruki the other night, I have my suspicions as to how it occurred but I feel more research is needed to confirm it. If it is all the same to you I’d like to head to the library and begin researching. If I am correct a greater number of people could suffer the same fates in the coming months. So, unless you have other concerns to go over or suggestions I would like to take my leave, I am sure that you have more important things to attend to than myself.”
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"Investigate carefully. I want answers, and I want justice; but play your cards close to your chest. The ones you confide in should be chosen with great discrimination. And should you need any doors opened, just ask."

Evo stands and walks Calan out. "The Arcane Sanctum has much to do. Thank you for shouldering some of that weight."
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