Decisions, decisions....

Do we have a weekend game with Mundanes on site until Saturday morning?

  • Hell Yeah! I can't wait for the next Alliance Larp Utah game! Take my monies! I'll ignore them all!

  • Nah bruh... I don't want anyone messing with my immersion. I would rather wait until the end of May!

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Jesse Grabowski

Hey folks,

We have a bit of a pickle. Originally, I wanted to have our game over Easter weekend and the majority shot that down as a bad idea. So we went with option two... March 16-18th.

Full Transparency- However, now we have run into the fact that another group will be there from Friday to Saturday morning. I was told they'd be out by 10am. They do NOT have the tavern though... just their cabins and some toobing area... that I was told.

The downside if we cancel... the next opening isn't until the end of May at Camp Mill Hollow. Can you wait that long to play?

Decisions... Decisions....

So I am posting this poll to see what the masses want...



As someone who's played an event with Mundanes sharing the camp before: It ain't no thing. From my experience, many of them stay away from the "weird LARPers", or, at worst, you get someone coming over and asking questions during non-combat times. If you are friendly and open with them, answering their questions succinctly OOG, they come away with a much more positive view of the hobby. (Please point them in my direction if there are any questions that you don't want to answer.) I've only had one event that one guy was beligerant and annoying, and that *** was drunk late at night, yelling into the night. Given it was in a different state known for a higher percentage of the population that drinks alcohol (which is, I think, all of them...), we're in good shape.

Given that most LARPs in Utah use public parks for events, this is a factor for every LARP I've played since I moved here.


I feel IIcannot wait and know new and returning folks who've plans around coming the 16-18th.

I want to voice strong agreement with Jordan regarding shared camps.

Have shared Scout Camps and Horse Riding Camps with with non-players and it has ranged from no interaction to pleasant, distant gawking, to recruiting new players!

Similarly, my only negative experience was with drunk streakers from a site a few miles away from ours.

I'll point folks to Jordan and am totally willing to also be a point of contact to keep folks "out of our hair." I suggest brining biz cards.

Let's do it

P.S. How long is this poll open. I will share it on the Utah LARP Community page?