Declaration of intent.


Good day citizens of the Kingdom of Icenia,

My name is Captain Flint Boulderback, Commanding officer of the Ducal Armed forces in the would-be Barony of Corrheim.

A good number of the adventuring and Noble community listened to me speak on matters regarding the escalating feud between our beloved Duke, His Grace Sir Nevin Kendrick, and the Ordo Aurum. If you heard me then, then hear me now: war between the Duke's forces and the Ordo is not the answer. It is unacceptable, and goes against everything Icenia stands for.

In the absence of a King or Queen - the Paladins are the authority. Please give pause and allow that to sink in.

Does this mean I have to agree with how they rule? No. Does this mean I must agree with what they say? No. However it does not, and never shall give me leave to go threatening a Knight's life in a dream realm or any other place.

Make no mistake; I love and stand by my Liege, Duke Kendrick. My intent is not to speak against him, but perhaps appeal to his wisdom, and his honor. We can end this dispute peaceably. We are still reeling from war, and attempting to pick up the pieces of a shattered Kingdom. If his Excellency Sir Harrison Ryatt were here I believe he would call for an action similar to what I am about to propose.

Our nobles - including our Paladins - should meet on neutral ground with weapons bound to discuss their issues and come to an accord peaceably.

I will personally lead a contingent of soldiers under flag of peace to the Ordo Aurum. We will escort Grand Paladin Rose Brewer and whomever else she wishes to travel with to Fairdale. I would invite His Grace, and our esteemed Barons and their courts to come and attend. There I would hope you discuss peace, restructuring our Glorious Kingdom of Icenia, and reintegrating our wayward Baronies.

I love this land and I love its people. I promise on my honor as a soldier to uphold the pledges I've made, and the oaths I've sworn. However, please make note: If these talks do not resolve the issues facing our Kingdom, and I am ordered to raise my weapon against a Paladin of the Realm - that will be the last order I follow as a soldier. I will never stop fighting for the glory and good of our Kingdom, but I will not do so as one who has felled a hero over a grudge.

With great sincerity, and love for Icenia,

Captain Flint Boulderback


HQ Staff
The Captains words echo the feelings of the people and many of those who wish to see our country whole again. Please Dame Brewer and Your Grace consider this. I stand as the only squire to undergo the order's training and I am a student of Your Grace's. Having seen both sides of this I believe Captain Flint's call is the right one. Please consider this.

In service to the land and people,
Lord Squire Marcusagrim Anvilstrike


Magnificent Valor Captain,
And i ask this as your friend, not an ex soldier, or Warlord, or Lord of a Domain. Not to openly challenge you, but to perhaps be swayed to understand your position and statement better.
Do you honestly in your heart believe the Paladins of Cil Curion are in the right? Or still should have some claim or say over whats been going on? Consider this, why was the council originally created? Who created it? Now consider what has happened. When Brittington was being overwhelmed did the Paladins ride out to prevent what eventually transpired? I ask the same when 1000's from Falkirk were being overwhelmed and slaughtered. What aid did they send Duke Logan of Evorra when he was beseeched by Vaccarans, Vampires, and Galanthians? What aid was given to Duke Kendrick since the death of King Broomis... By Blood the heir to the Throne. Now consider the action they took against Ulthoc. One of Duke Kendricks, who is heir to the throne I remind, but one of his prominent Nobles, they stripped away his position. Even though what he did was for the right and just, and many many came to his aid. Despite my many differences with Ulthoc I myself wrote a letter to the Duke on behalf of Ulthoc.
Outside looking in, it seemed to me it was a small window of opportunity and exploit of rules that the Paladins stripped Ulthoc, which looked to have greater motive in all honesty than simply punishing Ulthoc. Strip away one of the most active and long standing Nobles titles, beloved by so many, who is close to Duke Kendrick.. which in return might weaken his resolve, and weaken his duchy, making it easier for 'misfortune' to come to fruition. Perhaps if claim to the Throne was made, one less Noble backing Duke Kendrick would be better if certain people didn't want to see him ascend.
I am all for your peace talks, but the Paladins made it quite clear with their message, "we are coming for you". People need to rally to their Duke and be ready for anything at all times. And I simply think you have your work cut out for you trying to convince people not to raise a sword against a group of Paladins from Cil Curion who raise their sword or make threats to Duke Kendrick. As for many Squires, Knights, and Barons. I was at a gathering earlier this year, I took note of every Noble, lord, Squire, who took a Knee to Duke Kendrick and swore fealty, as of now they are still oath bound to follow him.

It is sad what has transpired, but they really put Duke Kendrick in a bad spot. What is he to do? Take Ashbury and defect away declaring it his own Kingdom, weakening Icenia more. I bet some would love to see that happen. Take idol threats, stand by and watch his Noble supporters be stripped on foolish charges? Perhaps he should declare himself King now and disband Cil Curion.... I do not know, civil war is indeed sad, and even sadder with whats going on in Icenia at this time.

Again my brother, I am all for peace talks, I urge this meeting to take place and echo your words on it. But to claim I would not fight for Duke Kendrick if War came, is something i will not do. But I can offer to stand Neutral guard to help mediate peaceful talks if your meeting does transpire, despite my views or opinions.



My friend Ithica,

I would not further discuss this matter here, but instead save what I have to say for when I can say it to the faces of all involved.

I will say this though: I do not believe the Paladins were completely incorrect in their judgement. I cannot speak for their movements at any given time during the conflicts you mention. I will tirelessly fight for the glory of His Grace. If he orders me to make war on Paladins if peace talks are to break down; I will follow his orders because I am a loyal soldier. Will I fight with passion? No, I will not. Will I feel honor or glory if I am victorious? No, absolutely not. Will I remove my Captain's sash and relinquish my privileges and command as an officer: Yes - I will.

Thank you for echoing my call for peace, Brother Ithica. I am eager to see you, and fight by your side in glorious battle against the true enemies of our Kingdom.

That is all I will say on this matter for the time being. I will see you in Fairdale.

In service, and honorably,

Captain Flint Boulderback


If my Baroness would release me I would come with you for this escort to see what I might see.

Vagabond Sergeant of the Far Wanderes


To Captain Boulderback and the nobles he addressed,

I cannot support your intent of attempting to reconcile the leaders of this nation strongly enough. I suggest only two possible additions to your proposal.

The first, that the Duke of Evorra should also attend and the second that its purpose to be to select a monarch for Icenia.

What remains of our beloved kingdom is being pulled in too many directions by nobles. It is painfully clear we need a ruling voice. If the dukes and the Ordo Aurum cannot chose a course of action for Icenia they must raise a monarch who can. The only other solution is for our nation to crumble, a result I believe none of us wish to see.

-Cedric Fruvous


I would see the end of this ordeal.

- Ria Sevaria of Goshawk
Captain Boulderback, I add my voice to those calling for a reasonable, and most importantly diplomatic end to this issue. Icenia can not be divided like this. There are far too many dangers, both known and unknown for Icenia not to stand as a nation united.

Icenia has long been a beacon of order surrounded by a sea of chaos. It should not be washed away. Despite what revolutionaries and malcontents like Butterfly have said in the past, Icenia is a nation which has tried to live up to the ideals its nobles swear by.

Voice Aaeun Nimbus of the Willows


I would like to echo the words spoken by Captain Flint and many of the others here. I am not normally one to speak in this manner but I feel this situation warrants further support. This is not a problem that is singularly between Dame Brewer and Duke Kendrick. This is an issue that deserves the attention of the other great and influential voices of Isenia and it's former constituents.

We need a King, yes. We need to reunite Isenia, yes. But we must begin by showing each other respect. I will personally work with Captain Flint and any others who wish to help make this meeting for peace and respect an actuality. I will personally contact as many of the people who should be at this table as possible, including Dame Vacht, Dame Keegan, Duke Logan and Queen Sonia. If you believe in this cause, please reach out to the nobility to know and lend the support of your morality. If you are further committed, contact Captain Flint and help him make certain that this is a gathering without internal hostility.

In Service,
Sir Dorian Immervale
Knight of Nordenn


Gettysburg Staff
I've said some shitty and embarrassing things to the Paladins. Consider this a formal apology.

Captain Boulderback is right: we need unity.
Sir Dorian is right: we need to have respect if we're gonna' have unity.

I stand with my friends and support their declaration. I hope I will be able to attend this gather and see what agreement we can come to.

In love and valor,
Dame Jovunn Rannveig of Jared
Barony of Nordenn
Ram tribe.

Tom H

It is easier for strong men and women to uphold their morals and values in war, than it is for them to do so in peace.

I support the Captain and the members of the Peerage who have already spoken on this.

There will always be times to put blades to foes- let this be a time to stand untied in preparation instead.

Count Ulthoc Crownsmith
Cap'n Flint,

Rupert Pyke, Diplomancer to the Meek and Mighty, at your service Sir.