Declaration of War


((Ian's voice rings out across the dreaming, clear and tight with fury...))

Abana the Red.

You have been welcomed by the Selunari of Aer'Astria for hundreds of years. You were brought into our homes and treated as a member of the family.

You repaid us by creating the Red Euphoria, used to enthrall the Jemajh family and many others.
You repaid us by causing the final deaths of countless spirits with your forget-me-nots, leaving not even a corpse to grieve over.
You repaid us by bringing Fortannis and the Planes to the edge of collapse.

My name is Ian.

I am of the Moretti family.

I am the bandoleer of the Band of the Fabulous Pants.

...and most of all, I am a follower of the old ways. So allow me to state my intent clearly:

"May the winds forever abandon my sails, may I never know a friendly tide, may I lose all of my families far and wide if all your colors do not fade to gray."

I was there to return the fallen star to the heavens when we became the Selunari, so I know better than most how the fae magicks have faded. However, there is no other response to a betrayal as great as yours.

You are no longer part of our Selas - I will see you soon.

The twisted remains of the Jemajh will not protect you.



Your fury has reached even my spirit, far and long from the land of Aer'astria.

I have heard of what this medusa has done, and how she has used your people to see her whims through.

May your blade and magic bring you closer to avenging your people. I look forward to news of your triumph, my friend.



Oh all right.

- Demona


I will stand with you Ian. Her actions and effects are completely unacceptable. For the perversion of our resurrections alone, she and those who cling to her deserve death. I know that my compatriots are not accustomed to me speaking in these sort of terms, but I feel very strongly about this.

In service to the Selunari always,
Hava Amalaya


If your words have caused Hava to speak of going to war I will set down my drink and bring my sword to fight beside Hava. May Abana the Red become red in her own blood!!!