Declaration of War

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(OOG: The following is posted prominently within the Empire and all areas of Wyndael where there is Imperial presense)

Let it be known by order of Regent Vikkin Stratos, on behalf of Her Imperial Eminence, Empress Venna Stratos I, ruler of the Cloud Empire and Overlady of House Stratos, that the Great Houses Verger, Sterne, and Meer as well as their vassal houses, particularly the Lesser House Wyndael, misled by dangerous and ill-designing peoples, have committed High Treason against the Cloud Empire by supporting the unfounded claim of former Overlord Luin Geifer for the Throne.

These Houses have forgotten the allegiance which they owe to the Imperial Throne and have declared their nefarious and lawless intent to overthrow the rightful ruler of the Cloud Empire. As of this writing, the Twelfth Day of the Eighth month in the year Twenty One of the Sixth Era, no blood has yet been shed. Upon the first drop of blood shed, or upon activation by Regent Vikkin, the following dictates shall be instituted and considered as direct proclamations from the Regent himself on behalf of Her Imperial Eminence Empress Venna I.

I) The houses mentioned above and any of their vassal houses/agencies that do not immediately declare and support the rightful and lawful position of Her Imperial Eminence, Venna Stratos I, shall be in open rebellion against the Empire.

II) Luin Geifer as well as any noble or commoner backing the false, wicked and treasonous claims of he, House Sterne, House Meer, and/or House Verger have declared themselves enemies of the good and leal citizens of the Cloud Empire and should be treated as dangerous enemies. These traitors forfeit all rights, privileges, ranks, position, property, wealth, freedom and their very lives for their dangerous and lawless actions.

III) All nobles, officers, soldiers, militia and guildsmen are hereby required to oppose the treasonous parties and criminal servants thereof notated above and bring them to justice. Loyal subjects of the Empire may not neglect nor violate their duty through ignorance thereof, or through any doubt of the protection the law will afford to their loyalty and zeal. Accordingly all loyal subjects, regardless of rank or position, are to use their utmost endeavours to withstand and suppress such rebellion, and to disclose and make known all treasons and traitorous conspiracies which they shall know to be against the Empire.

IV) The following parties are hereby stripped of all title, rank and privilege and are to be apprehended and brought to Wolkenstadt for immediate trial of High Treason: Luin Geifer, Izikiel Ryatt, Elizabeth Keenan, Elmary Sterne, Kitty Verger, Porona Meer. These malicious malcontents have plunged this peaceful and lawful Empire into a state of chaos and shall be held to account for their crimes against all citizens, as shall all who imprudently follow them.

V) Those wishing to abandon their oaths to the named parties above who have so recklessly abandoned their own oaths shall surrender themselves to Imperial officials immediately to demonstrate their loyalty to the just and proper ruler of the Throne.

By my hand,

Vikkin Stratos
All Hail Empress Venna I
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