Decorum and Dictum of Port Morgan

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Posted on a bulletin board in the Crow's Nest tavern and placed on tables throughout the establishment are parchment notices. There are multiple copies around, some of which have been picked up by otherworldly patrons in the tavern.

Port Morgan Laws(1).png
[ALT TEXT: A pale piece of parchment is emblazoned with the Coat of Arms representing the ruling siblings of Port Morgan. Dark blue wings are spread behind the shield and white and dark blue mantling. There is a forward facing helm in the middle with a white and dark blue torse, without a crest atop the helm. The escutcheon (shield) is divided into upper and lower portions by a diagonal with a black field originating from the upper left corner superimposed with a white feather. The lower half is a white field with a dark blue feather. A slightly transparent silvery banner bears the words "Port Morgan" in a blackletter font.

Below the coat of arms, the following words are written in a serif font:

  1. Do not abuse, strike, or murder other lawful guests.
  2. Show hospitality and beneficence in what is earned.
  3. Do not take what is not given.
  4. Be truthful in word and deed.
  5. Do not subvert the will of another without it being given.
  6. Do not take a name not freely given.
  7. Honor your dealings with Fair Folk and Younger alike.
  8. If you have food and your neighbor does not, share it.
  9. In your deals, be honorable.
  10. In your stories, be truthful.
  11. In your games, make your stakes clear.
  12. Do not trespass into lands you have not been invited to.
  13. If you have been given offense that would constitute grounds for an honorable duel, you must have an impartial party bear witness.
  14. Use of chaos magic, or knowingly bringing undead to Port Morgan is grounds for banishment.
ALL in Port Morgan are subject to this writ, by order of Rook and Branwen.]


  • Port Morgan Laws(1).png
    Port Morgan Laws(1).png
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