Differences Between Elves

Hey, question about making my first PC, who I'd like to be an elf. Generally speaking, how are the different elves treated IG? What kind of roleplay is going on for them? I understand every character and chapter has different experiences, but I'm looking for a sort of generalization. Especially on Elves and Dark Elves, since I'm most interested in those two.

Thanks in advance! :)


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I can only say this about stone elves because I've played a character before with a no-emotions restriction (Ananasi from WoD). It is -hard-. I can't stress that enough. It's easy to think logically, and even take a logical stance on every interaction. The hard part is natural, emotional impulses. Whether its laughing at a funny joke, sadness at a tragic occurrence, or anger at an unexpected betrayal, RP'ing that stoicness is extremely difficult to me, and...honestly, I wouldn't enjoy that, which I discovered later.


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This question really needs to be asked in forum for the specific chapter you'll be playing in. I'm not saying this to stifle discussion or be rude, it's just that the experiences can vary so much from chapter to chapter. Plot teams can come up with wildly different cultures for their races as long as they follow the genral guidelines in the rulebook. Dark Elves without a strong sense of personal honor are a no-no, but exactly how that honor manifests culturally and in characters can vary.
From a non-rules standpoint the culture also has a major effect on how a character is percieved in-game. Again going with Dark Elves I know of chapters that have the "traditional" Drow culture from D&D, while other chapters have cultures based on the Aztecs or Feudal Japan. All of these are valid, but make any generalizations extremely difficult to pin down on an Alliancewide level.

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The Elves in Alliance are all pretty different. As Toddo said, for local chapter specifics, you'd need to contact the local plot team or post on their local boards. In my experience, there's no particular bias towards or against Elves in general. There's always some racists, and both Stone Elves and Dark Elves have heavy-duty roleplay requirements that significantly effect roleplay interactions with other players. For more details, once you decide which race you're more interested in, email your local plots and logistics teams to get access to the somewhat more detailed national race packets.
I didn't realize the backgrounds of races were so different based on chapters. Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it more for New Jersey. :)

Also thanks for the experiences. I don't think I could always be unemotional, so Stone Elf is pretty much out.


Yea, I have to agree Stone Elf is the toughest role playing of all the races. As an experienced, high card NPC, I was playing a Stone Elf embassador for what was supposed to be a short battle mod then some light RP in the tavern afterward (maybe an hour tops). Due to PC actions, I ended up being this Stone Elf for the next SIX hours. It is without a doubt the longest six hours of my LARP career. It was fun, yes, as I prefer the high RP roles, but wow did it take a lot of physical restraint and mental energy.

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There are three distinct elven races that are actually completely different races (elf, stone elf, dark elf).

Within each of those races are distinct cultures based on where they are located, so that's why you need to contact your local Chapter.

In Ashbury, for instance, we have three separate elf race packets depending on which culture you want to be from.


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You aren't considered a real elf if you don't get half-cost archery, then? ;)