Disappointing Camp Cleanup

This is directed at our entire Alliance Headquarters community,

I arrived at Faire Play this past weekend and was informed by another group renting from us that there were several "messes" in various parts of the camp. This particular group does a great job cleaning up and never leaves a mess for HQ. They also do not play at all on Sunday and spend the entire day cleaning up.

We have attempted to keep the camp clean through positive methods in the form of generous goblin stamps, magic item picks, etc. This evidently is not enough.

If there continue to be issues after the September event, we will end game at 1 pm on Sunday in order to give time for a better clean up. If this does not work, we may forgo playing at all on Sundays.

This doesn't need to happen if people will help out more after game.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Mike Ventrella

HQ Staff
I'm sorry; this is my responsibility. Heidi was in so much pain last weekend I just wanted to get her home, and I had spent much of the weekend myself with an ice bag on my pulled leg muscle ... so we left early, before closing ceremonies.
It was an even bigger mess after the kids' event. There were several uneaten pizzas left in the kitchen between events after that event, among other things.

It's been very disappointing overall recently. This is not just a one person thing. It's a community and cultural thing. If everyone would police themselves and put in 15-30 minutes additional cleanup, the place would be spotless. It shouldn't fall all on one person's shoulders.

The bottom line is, if it continues we will begin ending game earlier, and much earlier if necessary.