Discussing Renown in Gavaria


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
To my Friends in Atupal,

Many of you have been working hard to establish yourselves within Gavaria, and I know some of you are interested in pursuing a path of Renown within the kingdom. Such a journey is full of trials and tribulations, but I am certain there are those among you that wish to face these hurdles head-on, and I would like to speak with those that have their eyes set on such a goal.

I will be visiting Atupal on the morning of the First of April to join your community for breakfast. During this time, if you are interested in pursuing a formal path with the kingdom’s ranks, I encourage you to join me for a discussion on such positions. I am happy to go over some details of the matter, discuss your goals, and do what I can to start you along your journey if you have not already begun so. I look forward to seeing all of you once again!

- Sir Euron Gavar, the Royal Protector