Discussion of the Upcoming Gathering

Adventurers of Erabella.

It is almost time for the first gathering of the year and as such I would like to open the conversation regarding what we have learned over the winter and what we might expect to deal with at the gathering itself. Unfortunately, I was very sick over the winter and was not able to devote myself to a particular task, however there are are several ongoing issues that I would like to bring to our collective attention as both a refresher and an introduction for new adventurers and travelers

First, there is the issue of the blighted undead. Making direct contact with the undead in Evodia will afflict you with a sickness that we colloquially call the Blight. Left unchecked, the Blight will result in resurrection in a relatively short amount of time. It is easily identified in its by a general feeling of malaise after contact and can easily be cured in this stage by a Cure Disease effect. As the Blight progresses over time it becomes increasingly difficult to cure so it's vitally important to catch it early. The town has dedicated resources to maintaining a supply of Cure Disease potions for use by all adventurers so please seek either myself or another town leader as soon as possible. If someone remembers the specifics of the Blight's progression and cures, please let us know so that we may all be informed.

Second, relations with Thoinia. Erabella recently won the war against the Hobling nation and has established a non-aggression pact with them. As the adventurers are citizens of Erabella we must uphold this pact, lest we reignite the war that was just won. If you have any questions about this matter or you come across a situation which may put the non-agression pact in jeopardy please let me or another member of nobility or town leader know as soon as possible. Since this is a recent development, it is possible that tensions may be high between our nations and we must do our best to alleviate this as much as possible.

Lastly, a more personal note from me. The adventurers previously encountered a child who was unfortunately trapped in one of the Vaults of Evodir and were unable to rescue them for various reasons. Matron Locke, Baron Zihr, and I recently discovered a method which can be used to rescue this child and I intend to do so at our earliest convenience. We will likely need plenty of assistance in this matter so anyone who is willing to help with this matter is welcome to do so.

If you have any matters you would like to bring to the adventurers attention as a whole or if you would like to inform us of your actions over the winter, please let us know so we can all be informed.

Thank you,

Zenia Mallowbrooks
Viscountess to Earl De'were of the Central Territories
Thank you for reminding of that problem with the undead here, i'll need to check my supply of cure disease potions.



Good day!

I have been attempting some research with the local guild libraries but alas have not been successful. I have, however, been informed of a possible knowledge cache inside Evodir's vault as well. When the time comes, I would happily assist in the recovery of the child and would request some possible assistance into another vault while we are there.


Thank you for offer of help. There should be no issue with assisting you with your task as well. If you have a particular question or need help finding a specific portion of the vault, Beryl is quite knowledgeable of the Vaults and its contents and may be able to help you.

Zenia Mallowbrooks


Alliance Rules
Chicago Staff
Theoretically we should have unfettered access to theVaults, or at the very least I have full access which means we all do. I haven't checked on the Vaults in several months so it's very possible something may have changed. Either way, we'll know quickly upon entering.

-Beryl R.T
Magician and Magus of Darkened Skies


Lady Zenia,

Although I am still new in town, I would gladly go to rescue a child. Would you be amenable to discussion of specifics at some point in the future, either by letter or at the next gathering?


I have no issue discussing specifics among the adventurers so long as we all understand that these topics have the possibility to cause serious unrest among the general populace and should be discussed with them with careful consideration.

The child in question was the subject of magical experiments done by Evodir, the former djinn of the human nation of Erabella. These particular experiments were focused on creating a way to cull the population of Erabella when necessary without war or direct intervention of the Djinn. We believe this to be either directly or tangentially related to the solar affliction that ravaged Erabella not too long ago. Though Evodir is dead, the child was locked in his Vaults as so many of his experiments were. When we previously encountered the child we were unable to work out the mechanism to release them but now we know.

It saddens me that I could not find time at the previous gathering to rescue them but it is something I still intend to do.

On a somewhat related note, I had the realization that with the many new adventurers and the return of older adventurers as well there may be a significant number of adventurers unfamiliar with what we have been through and the history of Erabella. Do you think it would be beneficial to set up a "story time" of sorts to disseminate that information. I am more than willing do it if it would be beneficial.

Zenia Mallowbrooks


I would as well!

~Tazoulti Strongbeard


I am formerly of a scribe’s guild and would love to collect the information of past adventures, current events, as well as any other information you believe should be collected. I am also willing to maintain a collection of my notes for any need that arises if it is desired by others- information was our bread and butter.

Please let me know if you would be amenable to my notetaking on events and story time, and please know I am more than willing to assist in your endeavor.