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Discussion in 'Big West 2017' started by AlikVanmil, May 23, 2017.

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    I just wondering how those of us that helped out in the dish pit should go about collecting our GS. I remember that there was a list of chapters where it was said we would be getting GS from, I just can't remember them all.

    - LT
  2. ASFDan

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    Thanks for your help in the kitchen over the weekend!

    I have already sent the list of everyone who helped out to the Big West staff, and that should be relayed out to the participating chapters in order to assign goblin stamps (Calgary, Seattle, and San Francisco, and possibly either Denver or Oregon, I forget). I'm not sure how long the process takes (it will probably vary by chapter), but you can follow up with the chapters themselves to confirm your GS have been awarded and to spend them according to their local policies.
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  3. Cedric

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    Denver is approved as well.
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  4. Kasuni

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    Hey Everyone!

    I apologize - this is a delay on my end. I will be getting these issued as soon as possible. I've been catching up on some real life stuff that got put on hold in order to run Big West in the first place. But I promise - rewards are coming!

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