Resolved Dispel and Purify vs Corrupt/Create Undead


Dispel said:
This effect will dispel all active effects on a given creature or object whatever the cause, whether beneficial or
harmful. It will not remove Wards, Circles of Power, High Magic, or anything from the Greater Command effects
group (Amnesia, Enslavement, or Euphoria) with the exception that it will remove the effect of Amnesia if
administered within the first ten minutes. Dispel will remove Wizard Locks, Walls of Force, and Prisons.

It looks like Corrupt and Create Undead are both in the scope of what Dispel will remove, and neither specifically says it won't. Presumably this would leave the target dead as usual for the spell duration ending.

Purify said:
This effect will remove all harmful effects from the spirit, leaving protectives. “Harmful effects” includes every-
thing in the effects groups Alteration, Binding, Command, Curse, and Necromancy as well as the Stun Limb effect.

While Corrupt is technically in scope for Purify, this presumably won't kill the Corrupted creature, since they're undead at the time and take a Drain instead.

Is this all correct and intended? Dispel isn't listed as a fixer for Corrupt/Create Undead, so wanted to check. It would make some sense not to list it there since this kills the character, which is generally less than ideal and can be accomplished by other means.


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This is all correct.

Both necromancy spells create two specific timed effects on the body.
1. Transform a previously un-animated dead body with a spirit to Undead which lasts for 10 minutes (corrupt does it after it processes an instantaneous death effect)
2. Grant the caster a command effect over the Undead which also lasts 10 minutes

Dispel will remove both effects leaving the previously animated character both dead and considered previously animated. The body will then begin a new death count the same as if the effect had expired.

On the other hand, in the case of Earth and Necromancy based effects, they will have their normal affect vs. Undead per the note in each spell that dictates that the Corrupted/Animated has all/the standard immunities and vulnerabilities of Undead which adjust how each of those effect groups interact.