Disturbing Dreams


The door crackles with energy that your King too has seen as lightning. I have no reason to doubt the validity of the Djinn portion of the vision.
The Broken lands are NOT a prison. Those there were put there to maintain balance. They were kept seperate from us, just as we are from them.
Over time, through the generations, both sides have grown apart. Most not knowing of the others existance.
Most still don't know the other side even exists.



I've heard conflicting information, every vision and everyone I've ever talked to including his majesty has referred to it as a prison. Some were taken from their homes and families by force to be placed there. The Order Knights might have hid behind the idea of balance but, I don't think it's that. After all, there aren't many Greaters on this side of the portal no one here can cast spirit, void, time, nature or blood magic. Or at least if they can, there's far less of them here.

If it pulled the Greaters, they don't age so are likely still around, maybe they've had their memories stripped from them?

The King described it as a prison built to be perfect. Anyone brought there have whatever they and want, either through illusions or something else, hence they may not want to leave. It's possible parts of it are different but, I've kept track of every time we've talked about this on my notebook.

Actually, I believe that shouldn't be a concern as of now: as we can deduce, the being conveying these messages is a higher being of enough power that it can transmit these messages through the dream realm to multitude of people. It also possesses a degree of clairvoyance; I spoke to clock, who will be attending to other matters and will not be present this market day, and she has not experienced this dream. That means that, in addition to being able to send images that it most likely did not witness in person, it was privy to the intentions of those who will be present, even across the mist. Also, we can rule out the possibility of it being a member of the elder races we saw, as they seemed extremely confused at the appearance of the white figures, and the images shown indicate a deeper knowledge of the situation, though most likely from a position of non-interference or inability to do so directly.

Coincidentally, the first being that comes to mind would be an affiliate of the lightning plane: I met and spoke, at length, to transcendent when I traveled across the mists. I discovered that the Lightning plane has ties to the power of time and a degree of clairvoyance, and it may be no coincidence that a djinn, a being of lightning, was a part of these dreams. That being said, I can't imagine a possible motive for said being, if an affiliate of the lightning plane, past the djinn, who's action may not be condoned by the higher powers.

Obviously, most of this is speculation, but if there is one thing I'm relatively positive of, it's that this being, regardless of it's nature, means no direct harm to us, at least past the obvious danger of confronting these problems. That being said, I believe it is no cause for alarm at this moment in time.

- Wycliff, the Seeker.

Cory Walker

If it is any comfort, it is the same that I have heard about the Utopia. While it may have been designed to be perfect initially, a lot of time has passed. The fact that that those blood or void mages traveled a great way south to strike at King Clous, means that someone or something powerful is quite aware of it's prison.

I do have a harder time believing those greaters or with ancient forgotten magics willingly went to other side in the name of balance. Or unwillingly for that matter. Who is deciding this balance? I have my theories, but the dreams are no place to share them.


If the figures in white are indeed connected to order... why don't we just ask them what is going on?
The adventurers as a whole have a few connections on that front.

I havent had bad dreams but one of my pack has.

Protecting the gate has been boring.