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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Auric, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. Auric

    Auric Administrator Alliance General Manager Alliance Logistics

    Alliance LARP is in the process of forming two new committees, the Diversity committee and Public Relations committee.

    Diversity Committee
    Examples of responsibilities:
    Make suggestions to the business on how to be more inclusive.
    Create and maintain a code of conduct.
    Help with identifying and resolving issues like those that led to Gypsy/Selunari and Dark Elf changes.

    Public Relations Committee
    Examples of responsibilities:
    Produce content for use at conventions.
    Utilize social media to engage audiences.
    Grow industry awareness.

    Compensation will be awarded in dragon stamps.
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  2. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    Any movement on this? It seems like we really need some work on the inclusiveness due to below statement being made point blank by a member of our community.

    Edited - After being contacted by a moderator, I believe this is being looked at and addressed, I appreciate them reaching out and think we should all allow them some time to do their work.

    There are clearly better ways to have the discussion than what's currently being allowed.
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  3. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

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  4. Paladin of Chaos

    Paladin of Chaos Scholar Moderator

    As a reminder, the thread that quote came from needed to be locked by moderators. Please remember this is not the place to discuss anything except your interest in these committees.
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  5. Lurin

    Lurin Duke

    Edited - removed snarky response, moderators are reviewing this issue.
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  6. Paladin of Death

    Paladin of Death Artisan Moderator

    I'm locking this thread. I am certain that as soon as the interview process and a committee is formed, we will be notified by the national team
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