Donation List


We suggest contacting us before buying/making anything on this list to make sure it is still currently needed or if you have ANY questions at all.

Solid color tabards - 4gs per dollar spent, must be hemmed
Solid color unisex tunics (size large to XXL) - 4gs per dollar value
Good quality Armor – Varies by quality

We have chain mail that needs de-rusting. Handsome rewards! Interested? PM us.

Acceptable solid colors are as follows: white, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple, black, brown, or grey.
All tabards and tunics must be finished (no unhemmed edges) and ready to wear.
Bonus goblin stamps may be awarded on a case-by-case basis for exceptional work.

Trap supplies (mouse traps, fishing line) 3gs per dollar value
Alliance safe locks - 5gs per dollar value
pocket/hand warmers -3gs per dollar value
Makeup (Mehron, Snazoo or Ben Nye only please) - 4gs per dollar value
Make up brushes - 3gs per dollar spent
Bobbie pins and headbands - 3gs per dollar value
Lipstick of various game appropriate colors - 3gs per dollar value
Baby wipes - 4gs per dollar value
Racial prosthetics (ears, horns, scavenger noses, etc) - 4gs per dollar value
Wigs - 4gs per dollar value
Makeup wedges - 3gs per dollar value

All make up supplies must be new.

Special items:
I am including links to what we want. If not these exact items, then please, very closely similar. ... =H202022PK (need lots) 3gs per dollar value ... d16392.php (need 1 box) 5gs per dollar value ... &tk=341082 (need 1) 5gs per dollar value ... 23680.aspx (need 2) 5gs per dollar value ... &section=6 or similar, must be 5 shelves & about 6 ft tall (need 1) 200gs

drawstring bags for transporting and storing packets 4gs per dollar value

Cash donations are 3 gs per $1 donated.

If you are an artist or seamstress and want to make your skills available to us, please let us know. There will be opportunities for you from time to time.

Currently we DO NOT NEED the following.
Packets of any type.
Jewelry of any type.
Women's garb.
Weapons of any type. (unless we specifically ask you to make us something.)

Note: Please, NO Spirit Store Halloween costumes.

Goblin Stamps Notes:
Goblin Stamps can be used to purchase blankets for missed events (up to 3 months prior) at a rate of 30 gs per blanket.
Player may purchase a monthly blanket for one of their characters every month at a cost of 30gs per month.
Player may spend up to 100 gs in to acquire production once an event. Ratio is one production point per goblin stamp.
Player may elect to spend some of that 100 gs in coin at a rate of 1 gs per 1 copper.
There is a special list of items that are available for purchase when NPCing. Please see Staff for details. This list changes from time to time and all items on the list are LCO.
1/day Magic Armor for 1 year – 240 gs
Longsword +1 DA good for a year – 6000 gs
Once Ever Life – 90 gs
Please note that the above examples are not necessarily the price in goblin stamps nor are they necessarily available.




Charlottesville Staff
We have several players in our group who would like to donate for the December event. Could we get an updated donations list for that, please? Otherwise, an e-mail sent to would be great, too

-Luke G.