Dragonfall Favorites


Special thanks to Genevieve and her family. Mike, Dave, Kristie, Chad, Louis, Christopher, Joe M, and Kat. For making Dragonfall special.

Share with us your favorites. I've got a couple myself once the thread gets going.


  • The food was incredible, obviously, and the level of decor and repping for the feast itself was definitely the best I've seen for anything like it at any LARP. First time having rabbit!
    • Ordering said rabbit on the down low because of the rabbit kin across the table from me, and Louis delivering it as "venison"
  • Surprise party for bandits who were -not- the children we were expecting.
  • Related: Children don't like bread anyways.
  • You can't arrest a dog!
  • Absolutely incredible queen prop monster saturday night. When I saw the NPCs pour out of her mouth, I was very suddenly *there*.
  • Fantastic ritual repping by Mutt/Blue friday night cleansing the ghosts. Wish I had a camera- seeing Blue hunched over the ritual circle was another "I'm there" moment.


  • Cyn's repping of "I absorbed too much magic", and her obvious frustration with most everyone's reactions. "YES I KNOW I'M GLOWING SHUT UP."
  • Irani birthday party craziness
  • and also Irani Dragonfall gifts craziness
  • Mutt's intense appreciation of her squeaky toy
  • The accidental opportunity to play an enemy that was mimicking myself <3
  • THE FEAST. I don't think all of us combined could ever say enough how much work we see Gen put into it and how much we all appreciate it!!!
    • Seconding Bada's rabbit story above, with the addendum of Blue's response that made everyone around her feel super squeamish :D
    • Moonless Nights killing it again with the Tale of Bleak! Vel's song making me melt and Sam's joke making my sides burst. I'm super glad there were more entries in the Bardic Competition this year!
  • And, it wouldn't be a SoMi event without needing some kind of medical attention [/selfburn]
  • "We just murdered some teenagers" "WHAT" "It's fine, it was in self-defense"


By request, the Surprise Party/Happy Birthday story-

There was a warehouse that some ?gang? was using as an armory to arm street urchins as child soldiers. This is bad, so it needed to be blown up. Sam built some bombs to do so, using some very good sticks that a couple helpful, skilled stick-finding kin got. However, we also heard that the warehouse was being -guarded- by the previously mentioned armed urchins, and we didn't want to stab children, so we decided to take a bunch of snacks with us to bribe away the kids... a big cake, some muffins, fruits, a big bunch of bread.

Mutt and I (mostly her) ate like half the bread on the way, and then got yelled at, which doesn't make sense because children don't like bread anyways and we were hungry.

When we got there, we walked up,Glen was carrying the cake in his arms as an offering... but there were no kids, just a bunch of gang toughs. They start freaking out because there's a bunch of armed people approaching them, we were freaking out a little because this was -not- the plan. That's when Glen starts singing "Happy birthday to you..." and on the second beat, all of us join in on the song. The thugs start freaking out a lot -more- because there's now a group of armed adventurers menacing them with a surprise cake and a song. Long story short, demands were made for icecream as well as the cake, but the only cold dish we brought was steel. Worst birthday ever.


  • I was in the kitchen for most of the event, but the time I spent outside of it was really fun! I loved Blue's Fruit Stand - that was a super awesome idea! The creativity in the dragon painting contest was really cool to see.
  • I like how Yonkie is always gunning to get the Dryads intoxicated. Playing "tipsy" Dryad Jote with Naya and other friends is always a hilarious time. Dryad mischief is my favorite role play. The Dryads can't wait to teach the whole town the Photosynthesis dance we just came up with!
  • Being in the kitchen with Evie and co this and the past event or so has taught me fun little things about cooking and prepping, as I am always grateful to learn new things! Also it was nice to hang out with Evie's mom, Diane and everyone. It was good to have some good conversations!
  • The feast was beautiful and delicious! Evie has great insights into creating flavorful dishes. I'll always be dreaming of that vegetable pie.
  • Last year I missed Saro's group's retelling their version of Bleak's fall. I'm glad I got to see it this year because it was too funny!! You are all so clever :)
  • I really enjoyed the campfire singing/story telling. I'll have to be prepared with a story or poem for next year! Thanks to John and Jayden for this really fun time. Also, the singing was absolutely amazing. I used to be in several choirs and love signing, but I always suffer from shyness and stage-fright - so I am blown away when others can preform beautiful a capella out of thin air!
  • The battle at the end of the feast was epic. Props were so so so cool. The rising and falling circles made things very intense.
  • Many thanks to Cyn for providing Dragonfall favors! They were lovely.
  • It was nice to meet people from other chapters (even just briefly)!
So many high points! I'm still suffering character whiplash I think from Blue being so low to so high emotionally in a span of...maybe 3 hours?

1. Mill Ritual mod - was fun to role play out a ritual that was magic and not? Totally stealing the concept for how Blue does any actual rituals in the future.

2. Racist Grandma - I still laugh from TC’s antics! Was hilarious to hear her picking on Radi for tattoos and how he’ll never get a good wife that way. Always amusing when just npcs coming in for food almost turns into IG drama.

3. Oni Mod - Technically post mod? Being the guard arrested and interrogated was fun. I’m always so bad when it comes to fighting I feel like a terrible npc. That time though I felt like a better npc on things since I wasn’t just sitting about dead on the field.

4. Biata Rocks - Roleplaying Blue effectively going bonkers when I realized Chris didn’t say Charm or Enslavement or any other effect to accidentally touching the rock was awesome. I did my best to play Blue resisting a command she’s violent opposed to while also mixing in her general terror of the evil birds. Hopefully I didn’t freak people out to much there. The show of love for the bunny afterwards was a total aww moment even as I did my best to keep up the traumatized role.

5. The Feast! - It was funny watching everyone react to the rabbit by trying to sneak it. Taios finally was just like “I’m having rabbit.” I think that was the point I commented how I had eaten rabbit before and someone was like “Wait are you a cannibal?” And I just said yes and everyone kinda sat staring with wide eyes. I wanted to laugh but had to keep a straight face cause it’s not like a Blue kept this a secret. Also amused at Thudd enforcing manners at the table. Who knew orc moms were basically southern ladies when it came to the dinner table.

6. Blue the Bunny Squire! - This needed it’s own department since it was really completely it’s own thing. I’m going to need to do a comic now of how Mathis kept poking Blue on leading and her shrieking she’s not a leader. Even more amusing going looking for someone to help her find someone else and everyone literally was like “No you do it.” It was awesome hearing other people’s reactions to the announcement later at afters. Almost made myself dizzy spinning around to all the applause and such. Even better as people started filling her in on what that means more and she’s wondering what the hell she just did. Now for all the doom to be heaped on Blue here...

7. Attire - All the ways people dressed up for the feast! Cyn as always leading the pack with her gowns there. I really liked all the guys in waist coats to though. Had things feeling properly fancy for the King but without making those without fancy threads feel bad.

8. Ko - I feel like drawing him now was somehow prophetic! The awesomeness of the fight to save him was great, I thought for sure we were toast with those voice radius damages until we all realized the circles were to help. I suddenly felt like it was a wow raid complete with special attack you have to dodge. I sure wasn’t going to fall asleep at this one though!
My favorite thing about this event was the way the community as a whole came together and it felt like so many people took ownership of some part of the whole. I saw passion in every aspect of the game. The food was amazing and cooked & presented beautifully. The story is always multi faceted and detailed. There were players who put in tremendous effort leading up to game (on both sides!). The entire weekend was one of my favorite in quite some time, of any chapter, of any system. It really took that extra step away from "plot/staff serve the players, give me what I paid for" to a theatrical work of art created by every person who attended. Everyone contributed to the final experience and I am so thankful for it and so fortunate to be a part of it.

As far as favorite moments, more keep popping into my head as I sit back, reflect, and smile over time well spent.

In no particular order...

-Friday night mill mod. Blue took the rag tag pieces and put them together in an experience that I so badly wish we had photos of. The image and ambiance is something that will stick with me for some time.

-Cyn's glowing look, so beautifully repped! I know it was hot and miserable, but the wig was well worth it and completed the look nicely.

-Watching Jane work clothing magic and convert her big, beautiful, poofy dress into battle ready bloomers on the porch of the tavern.

-Watching Thudd reprimand Blue on table manners

-The aforementioned birthday cake mod. Seriously, I don't get what the big deal is-- children don't even like bread. Ugh.

-The Chain conversation between Mutt and Cyn

-Blue becoming a squire! I don't think I've ever cheered and hollered so loudly before.

-Kanki getting paralyzed, trying to drag him to safety, getting knocked down and thrown across the field.

-Realizing I hadn't made it to the Safety Circle in time, preparing for a massive amount of pain, then realizing that whatever it was didn't even affect me

-The Saturday night mod as a whole. From the circle of candles, to the Safety Circles, to Cynthia and Lola themselves... a lot of hard work and heart was very visible and the entire experience left me in awe. I can't believe how much work folks put into an experience like that and I cannot imagine how long the preparations took, but I sure do appreciate it.

-The Feast! Never in my life have I been part of a meal that pulled LARP so close to feeling like I was truly stepping into a storybook. The presentation board with all the meats and pineapples was epic! And my god the way the smoker scent drifted over the campsite throughout the afternoon-- it sure made playing a dog super easy.

-Standing outside the tavern window with a few others and watching tension so thick you could cut it with a brick. "Did she just...?" "....yep" *gaspshock*

-The NPC makeup kit. For those who haven't had the opportunity to see it, Becky went through and worked some serious magic on it. Down to label maker labels and spray bottles, the thing was pristine!

-Puzzle time!! I'm so sad we didn't finish, but it was a most excellent time.

I'm sure I'll think of others, there are so many!



Ok here goes.

  • I consider the feast the best prop monster. Instead of built for combat it's built for roleplay. It's the best. If I only had one wish, it would be that I could pc during it. During all my larping time, this is what I've wanted when we talk feasts. I didn't think it was possible the first year we did it. I didn't think it was possible to improve it over the next 2 years. Dragonfall is our love letter to the players. It's our love letter to the community and to what larping can and should be.
  • We learned a ton about prop monster construction. Cynthia held up pretty well even with a brutal fall. With some minor repairs she'll be ready for more fun. Travis & Chad really out did themselves with their props.
  • A lot of us older players grew up with a bunch of shitty nobles. The effect had a ripple for the next decade about no one giving a **** about nobility. I think we're starting to move past that, people seem more interested in engaging in those stories again. I am also ready to throw away the shackles of the selfish players of nobles cast upon us years ago. I can't remember the last time anyone was a squire in our game, much less I cared about it as a serious endeavor. Blue is an unlikely candidate for a squire given everything about her but, I welcome the stories that will create.
  • I love the potions of knowledge. Dragonstamps are commodity that are too often hoarded by owners and high level staff. This event there was 2 ways to earn a dragon blanket. In game and out of game. Folks had done so much leading up to the event, I think I bought another 10 out of my own personal pool for people. I'm happy to have volunteers to share with.
  • Every year the retelling of the tale of Bleak gets me. This year was great even if I slipped up an laughed at a joke about peasants.


Mike & Becky for being the great people they are.

To all those who spent time listening to Jake's excitement and imagination.

To Taed for his October offer.

To Naredowell for the time he spent with Jake.

To Mathis for his riddle to Jake, which earned the one needed chit to purchase the deed.

To Travis & Chad for pummeling the heck out of me early Sunday morning.

To everyone who made, planned and NPC'd the big event - I'm still in awe.

To the pair who cleared out of the cabin when I woke them up at 11:10 AM Sunday :)

To Fetic for sharing his pizza with me.

To Naomi for not running after me, I know I couldn't have out-run you.

To Ardos for the loan of the shield.

For all the compliments to Jake's outfit.

To all those who participated in the Friday night campfire event.

To all those responsible for the AMAZING feast and decor.

To Lady Cyn & Nicholi for the amazing gifts.

Blue for her stand.

To the kitchen / tavern clean up crew.

Realizing how my old "battle field voice" is still good and useful ... albeit a little annoying to those directly in front of me. (including during afters ... sorry Fetic)

Watching peoples reaction to Lisa letting me put mustard on her hand at afters.

How red Travis turned when we "Hip Hip Hazza'd" Matt's exit from the bathroom.

Knowing there are some amazing pictures to come. Thank you for taking them!

From Kera (Diane), it was a great time, loved meeting all the people, it was amazing.

Meeting Lady Cyn was incredible.

Winning the Dragon painting competition was so cool.



I really enjoyed the activities that I was a part of and the camp fires.

That I got to help with the campfire.

I'm sad that we didn't get to do the marshmallow competition.

Well I was interested in talking about my lab experiments.

The land and the skull piggy bank I like how you can store money in the skull and I got my own land.

Credit to Taed for the picture.Campfire.jpg


I will also bullet point my list but first-

Thank you so SO much to Genevieve. She just is beyond magical for putting together the feast for us every year. Thank you to Genevieve's family, and the all the members of Pride who volunteered their time to help out. Dragonfall is always so grad because of you. Also, the colours were themed with Bleak's colours this year which I thought was a lovely, subtle touch.

As always, our plot team is a pile of awesome. Thank you! To all our NPC's and our PC's who helped out with doing a shift, thank you thank you thank you!
  • Rabbitfurr (I'm forgetting your character's first name. I'm so sorry). You were a lot of fun and I wish I could have bantered with you more.
  • The feast as always and Blue 'meeping' when they announced rabbit on the menu. Whoever pranked Jane is a boss.
  • DUDE. The prop monster that was higher than the tent? BALLER. That thing was awesome and the whole fight was a lot of fun. This whole plot. Thank you. I'm sorry I didn't get to look at the puzzle, I hear it was cool. There was so much going on that I missed it, but I also loved how much was going on.
  • Annette was a good sport for all of our teasing about this gifts she was giving.
  • Mutt chasing sticks and her new chew toy
  • Blue cuddling her carrots
  • Kierra, thank you for keeping up the tradition of the mostly true tale of the killing of Bleak. It get's stranger every year and I love it.
  • Val shoving PILES of bacon wrapped dates into his mouth and belatedly pulling out the toothpicks was just priceless. At first I was like (oh sh**t. There isn't going to be any left for others) and then my brain went (I DON'T CARE THIS DUDE'S HILARIOUS).
There is obviously more, but I'm blanking right now.




I just finished a five page in-character rough draft about the event.

I'm starting to think I should have named my character: Naershaddup.

I had a great time. You know I did if you were there.

Is this the appropriate place to post such a thing?
Not sure Keir but I would love to read it! If you’re nervous about the length then just leave a link to a google doc maybe?


I don’t always walk through the mists, but when I do…
I hope I end up in Dragonreach.


My name is Naerduïl Starchild. I am a 499-year-old High Elf hailing from the city of Al Anor on the continent of Barran. My city was overrun by Yao Yu, Octopus beast-kin, before I was born and it was used as a staging point for their invasion of the surface world. The High Elves stayed to exert economic and political pressure as a selfless service to the rest of the world, but in Barran we are still hated and seen as the lackeys of the old enemy. My city has since been destroyed, my people scattered and the Yao Yu regime has crumbled. Barran is still as dangerous as it has ever been and I have no reason to stay now, other than a few good friends whom I will miss dearly. Having found my way to Dragonreach accidentally, I was delighted to come to the realization that this was my mother’s homeland and that I had visited many times hundreds of years ago. After the feast, I was reunited with siblings and cousins, who had already found their way here from Barran or were born here in Dragonreach. So, this is your official notice that I am here to stay. If this fails to bring you great joy, please, file any complaints with my a$$ and remember to seal it with a kiss.
It may become readily apparent after several minutes of talking with me that I am raving mad. I am only able to communicate clearly in written form because I can twist and shape the words over and over until I have them telling the tale that I truly want. There was no one at the feast that I did not want to get to know better. I have a tendency to take an extra nap or wander off to be alone to catch up with my thoughts, but not because I tire of anyone’s company. I am simply a traumatized extrovert. The more effort you take to get to know me the bigger the payout… assuming you have great tolerance and patience. This is by no means an apology. I f**king love myself. This introduction is just to ease you into the chaos of being my friend.

My Debut

I stumbled out of the mists in Dragonreach. Fortunately, I had already visited the outhouse and was on the return trip when the mists plucked me from Barran. The long walk through the woods to the tavern lights ahead was fairly uneventful, but, as fate would have it, an event was in preparation. The third annual Dragonfall Festival was to be held the next day. One might think the universe has things lined up for me just right. Another might think that the universe is just so random that patterns are inevitable. Either way, here I was at the right time. Time to party.
I approached the tavern and saw that many adventurers had begun to arrive. I’m still amazed that the mists never seem to bother depositing more mundane folk outside of a tavern that just happens to be a magnet for trouble. And it is always a tavern and never a library or brothel. Not complaining. Just amazed. I wonder sometimes if I will find missing stockings and pets during one of my journeys. Anywho, the fine folks at the tavern took what little money I had for a bunk in a cabin for the weekend and a spot at a table for the feast.
Having spent the majority of my long life in the city of Al Anor, I was prepared for the kaleidoscope of adventuring types that I would meet in Dragonreach, but the most startling was a trained Goblin. I knew they had potential, but we were forbidden by law to teach them anything in my homeland. I used to carry bacon in a pouch to bribe them to leave me alone, so I didn’t have to kill the poor critters. I probably could have gotten into trouble for that too.

A Song of Seaweed in Love

I arrived at the fire by the beach with my new friend and fellow elf, Velnaeus. He was hoping to find marshmallows to toast. Sadly, they were postponed into obsolescence. However, there were folks regaling the efforts of the heroes of some three years past who put down the Dragon, Bleak. As the night went on many tales were told and songs were sung. One song in particular caught my mood and tossed it high into the night sky. I did not understand the words sung by the Selunari, Ilarion, but he stated that it was a song of seaweed in love… at least that is what I remember him saying. I had been sipping at a bottle of G’toraad, so my memory may be less than accurate. Soon, several women broke into dance and the audience clapped to the beat of his tune. It was beautiful and I knew in that moment that the mists had meant for me to make this place my new home.

A Tale of Ten Pies

Velnaeus continued to serve as an excellent guide to Dragonreach, that is until he said the words, “free pie.” I cannot hold him accountable for my own actions, but an elf should know better than to challenge a Keebler (on my mother’s side) to a pie eating contest. How many pies did I eat in ten minutes? Yes. I ate ten pies. Only a Selunari named Nikolas was able to keep up with my methodical pie consumption. In the end, there was one pie left and we (thankfully) agreed to a draw.

A Page in my Journal

By the afternoon, one of my cabin mates, a Selunari named Tolib, asked me to accompany his page, Jake to the festival grounds while he took care of some other task of his. Jake, being a verbose and imaginative young lad, reminded me much of myself at his age and he was glad to share his ideas with me. He had three plans. The first was a distillery which would syphon the essence of an elemental and transfer it into a liquid form which would be imbibed by some lucky fellow who would gain the powers of the element. I had some ethical questions about the matter, but I decided to leave that to his master, Tolib. The second was a portable portal that could take you anywhere you could want to go and the third was a device that could take you back or forward in time. It would take a great wizard to build these things, but things are begun with ideas and plans. And one day, I am certain that Jake the Page will become great at whatever he sets his mind to.
That makes sense.

My Abbreviated Feast

The feast was glorious. Everyone added their part to the beauty of the spectacle. The food smelled absolutely delicious. I did my best to hold back the screaming demons in my tormented head as the volume of chattering voices escalated and echoed around me. I ate some bread. “Ten pies,” the demons whispered. I skipped the salad, but the screaming continued. Potatoes were served with bits of bacon. I took two small potato cubes and some bits of bacon, but even sweet beloved bacon could not bring joy to my palate. “Ten pies.” I ate them. The servers brought out the tray of meats. “Ten pies!” It was then that I knew it wasn’t demons screaming in my head.
It was the ten pies.
Sadly, I was forced to excuse myself early.

The Graveyard of the Broken Wind

After I had walked about to catch my wits, I was distracted from the gastronomic pains of my gluttonous self-betrayal when Count Ko Minematsu dissipated about twenty feet away from me, causing a good deal of screaming and hollering from those accompanying him. This sparked my curiosity, so I watched to see what people do when that happens. Apparently, the standard operating procedure is to travel to the Graveyard of the Four Winds and rescue him from an ancient Dark Elf Queen, for whom his family once served. She had devoured thousands of Dark Elves before being expelled from the mortal plane and had somehow taken him to her prison to serve her there.
And there was a HUGE spider-thing!
I was given three or four opportunities to back down from the mission at various points along the journey to this other-worldly battle for Count Ko’s spirit, but I had brought cookies to make friends and I wasn’t about to let that effort go to waste.
“You can’t scare me!” I shouted as I strode across the battlefield. “I ate ten pies!” The sound of my stomach gurgling and my first intense flatulence was lost under the battle cries of my comrades as we tore into the ranks of Dark Elves pouring from the open maw of their Queen. We all fought like champions and eventually after a great deal of sweating, one sound thrashing, a bout of paralysis and a webbing, I had actually forgotten about my pies. I also found a leg from the great spider to take as a trophy.

The Untouchable Magic Balls of Velnaeus

My new friend, Velnaeus, was tasked by Lady Cyn to identify the magical nature of several balls in a blue sack. When touched, the magic balls had caused a couple of ladies to attack their comrades. She repeated several times that only Velnaeus was to touch his magic balls. Clever Velnaeus had thought ahead and was first beaten by a friend and then spilled his elemental magics onto the ground before he touched his balls to identify their purpose, yet for all of his efforts his balls were no longer magical. I suggested that maybe his magic balls only worked when a woman touched them, but that was deemed unlikely. Poor Velnaeus complained that he felt like a commoner without his magic and we did our best to assure him we did not doubt his prowess.

The Graveyard of Springvale

Having ten pies in my belly had the beneficial effect of giving me a great deal of energy and even after the battle in the Graveyard of the Four Winds, I was still ready for anything and the moment I saw Ilarion (AKA Starface) walking by with a look of purpose, I asked if I could be of assistance. He thought about it for a moment and dragged me over to the Duchess Saro (of some other far away land). She said, “he’ll need a gang name.” And we walked to find the rest of the Moonless Knights gang. After a great deal of entertaining chaos, I was dubbed “Ten Pies.” We were then told that we would be travelling to Springvale by magical means to find out who was desecrating the ancient tombs of the city which had once stood on the land where the new village stands.
As we approached the cemetery, we could see signs of vandalism, and the rusty chain on the gate had been broken. Light poured out of one of the ancient mausoleums. (Mind you, when I say “ancient,” I am referring to a time when I was two to three hundred years old.) So, we headed straight over with no pretense of being a stealthy group… or even being slightly tactical and hollered into the doorway for their surrender. They weren’t having any of that, so Heart (our “boss,” the Duchess) charged into the crypt swinging. I was a little surprised, but followed. I attempted to remain somewhat tactical and stayed near the doorway for a quick exit, using the long reach of my polearm to try to keep some of the attention off of Heart. Unfortunately, that attention earned me a gash in my leg and I fell against the wall and blacked out. I awoke to one of my gang casting a healing spell on me. I knew that I was nowhere near combat ready, so I rolled in front of the doorway and, with my good leg, launched myself between my friends’ legs and belly surfed down the stairs of the mausoleum. My favorite pouch was destroyed, but I lived and used my own spells to finish the healing of my leg. After the initial group of tomb raiders had been dispatched, we entered the catacombs beneath the crypt and found ourselves creeping along in a tunnel in which only two of us could stand abreast.
I then turned to the Moonless Knights and said, “Did you notice how we are underground and in a tunnel in which only two of us can stand abreast?” They answered with various affirmations. I then allowed the ten pies to finish the conversation with a thunderous bellow and the gang responded with gasps and wails.
Finally, we reached a chamber much like the one on the surface and the gang rushed in once more slaying all, but one whom they charmed. I stayed in the hallway and kept watch as I am more accustomed to the smell of my own a$$. I could overhear the ladies commanding him to disrobe and arguing over whether to kill him or convince him to join our gang. Ultimately, he was set free and even had his clothing returned to him.
We then returned to Springvale to speak with a town guard and tossed him some coins to make sure the graveyard was cleaned up in the hope that we wouldn’t have to return to fight angry undead. I am sure that it was not lost on the dead that we had looted the very same bandits we had killed for looting their tombs, but a good time was had by all, so I didn’t bother pointing out our hypocrisy.

A Night of Great Flatulence brings a New Dawn

The rest of my long night was spent wandering in the dark, farting and belching. I was still jittery into the wee hours of the morning and thought I would let my sleeping comrades breathe easily. When morning came, I packed my gear and returned to Barran to secure my belongings. I have already made my way back to Dragonreach and taken up residence in the family estate that I visited as a child.
I am very excited for my next trip to Valborough or elsewhere in this magnificent realm and I look forward to getting to know you all even better.

Naerduïl Starchild​
I look forward to Dragonfall each year. It is always such a great thing to see such a large turn out. I always meet new people and get to hang out with those I already know. I would like to thank everyone for welcoming my friends Chris (Shaggrath) and Patrick (Brox).

The festivities are always great! I particularly liked playing Commander. That was a lot of fun and I hope we get to play it more in the future!

And of course the feast! Every year I am more and more impressed by the spread, and I know we all walk away more than satisfied, to say the least! I always enjoy seeing and interacting with the nobles, and seeing other people dress up for the occasion.

The events that took place after the feast were epic!!! The feeling of impending doom surrounding the situation with Count Ko was truly great! Travis, watching you single-handedly take on multiple people with such tenacity was absolutely mind-blowing!

Participating in the Mostly True Retelling of the Tale of Bleak was a lot of fun, and I am glad I was invited to do so.

As always, I never walk away disappointed! Thank you to everyone who makes this happen every year!!!


Chicago Staff
This was my 3rd attendance to SoMi, and having enjoyed the previous visits so much - Beryl and I insisted that others from our area join us. So with that we got to introduce 4 of our local players to the pure awesome that is SoMi game and playerbase and I was overjoyed at how much they enjoyed themself!

In no particular order

* I loved the little contests and and games. It was simple yet awesome for everyone to still be active and engaged but still be centralized around the tavern as to still be active among the group. Specifically Commander - would have played that through most of the day if I had the option. Bardic competition.... still giggling over the whale joke and still a little swooning over Val's singing.

* prize table - It was so nifty that the prize table from the game had a variety of things from tangible stuff for the players costume and character supplies, to in character treasure items but also "potions of knowledge". One of the friends we brought got their very own first set of period armor from the prize table. Where as I got new projects to work on ;)

* I dont think anyone could ever say enough about the feast. We could just keep talking about it till next feast and it becomes the tastiest delicious circle we could manage.

* spilling the 3am Tea... covering such topics of "oh no she didnt" "no she better dont" "nobility and you" "how evil is necromancy" "knife throwing" & "#MagistrateProblems "

* bonding with Glen over dinner, contemplating murder realizing despite being a fancy meal, still brought weapons and I had no less than 4 walls of force reps on me - but our murderous feelings every time destracted by Chad as he was right there with "more distractions with delicious foods?"

* the oni "meeting" not at all going as planned but strangely still going as planned.

* these are not the children we were expecting... **** it, we brought the cake, this is the plan and were sticking to it. <3 glen

* prop monsters were totes on point. My only regret is that more people didnt get to see the Matron. But being full of giggles that "by voice, target dark elf matron" didnt include Isabo because she fence hopped but otherwise could have had her pc been present. I especially loved the circles and the tactics & teamwork that required on the PCs. Even if it didnt work exactly as designed; I feel like it pushed the envelop it was supposed to even if it wasnt as dangerous as it should have been.

* [swoon] count ko - dont attack me, dont use skills on me... I am a distraction and I will simply kill you. Focus on why your here and do what you came to do. The faster you do, the less of you I'm going to kill. [/swoon]

* the collective ability to gage a players tenure in SoMi with 5 simple words "this is an unscaled mod" ranging from confusion, panic, and excitement.

* Cyn's "so I may have been doing a ritual..." costume

* bunny's fruit stand - should be a staple... i loved this so much...

* bunny becoming a squire. So much love in the room where not a single adventurer from dragons reach seemed to not support the decision.

* bunny and cyn's brief exchange of "I dont want any more kids, I already have eaten more than I want to" and cyn just not able to process for a moment while her brain restarted.

* getting a small personal plot that I look forward to involving some local characters in.... as soon as I find some who actually do scroll making...


Chicago Staff
Despite my case of mist sickness, I had a blast. I did require medical attention once I returned home but I did appreciate those of you who checked up on me during the event. Here's some favorites I pulled out of the fog:

-Count Ko... Yasuhiro was covertly fanboying over this one....

-Travis the water elemental drowning me suddenly. I wasn't ready but I had a good time with it.

-the other elementals, the one I kept moving the shadow on was amusing and just being able to ease into the fighting Friday night was great.

-birthday cakes for wholesale murder

-All things Glen

-1.5 lbs of no thanks

-I don't eat Pie

-Cyn glowing a ridiculous amount

-Nipples... We aren't sure why but it was a topic.

-Jake the Page and his shoelaces

-putting a shirt on for feast only to take it off again during feast... I was wearing it for the quickling box tho. ❤️ Shen

-bacon wrapped cream cheese filled dates

-Chad going above and beyond when he noticed in wasn't at my seat for meat.

-pizza afters and really reconnecting with people I like from this chapter.

-I love all of you so much.

Vicki / Yasuhiro


Despite my case of mist sickness, I had a blast. I did require medical attention once I returned home but I did appreciate those of you who checked up on me during the event. Here's some favorites I pulled out of the fog:

-Count Ko... Yasuhiro was covertly fanboying over this one....

It was a good event to be a dark elf. We love having you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.