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    Greetings everyone.
    Dragonfall is nearly upon us. His majesty has deemed that there will be several games played. Games will allow you to earn chits, that can be redeemed over the course of the weekend from a collection of goods.

    Foundry Golem Battles
    Ever wonder what it's like to live in the Nation State of Foundry and fight like their soldiers do? Wonder no long, they have donated several golems to allow adventurers to participate in duels. These golems are perfectly safe and will protect the participants from any kind of harm. Each duel won will earn you chits. Can you win the most?

    Puzzle Mastery
    Adventurers ability to solve riddles and puzzles is renown through out the kingdom. Can you solve more then your fellow adventurer? Each one solved will grant you chits.

    Best the Golem
    Foundry provided golems who will wander around. They will offer a duel. If you can best them, they have a reward for you.

    Pie Eating Contest
    Apple, Cherry, Surprise? Eat the more pies then anyone else and take the chits for yourself!

    Take a roll at the die. Bet against adventurers or the table. Win chits!

    Bard, Talent, and Comedy Contest
    Tell the best story, sing the best song. Make people laugh, make people cry. Walk away with a bag of chits.

    Crafting Contest
    Fancy yourself a craftsmen? Painting, sculpting, blacksmithing, glass work, all are welcome. Present your craft to be judged. Win chits for your trouble.

    Drinking Contest
    Can you down ale with the best of them? Prove you're worth your weight in chits.

    Scavenger Hunt
    One of the illusive Celestine's has arranged a scavenger hunt. Track down everything, and you and your team will be walking away with a large bag of chits.

    Each Noble who visits will also have a riddle, or puzzle to solve. Find them when they're in town and best them, and you guessed it. More chits!?

    More games will be added. Keep your eye on the tavern for the schedule when you arrive in town.

    Eldrid Augentine
    Quartermaster of Gracebourne Manor
    In service of his majesty the king, Lycergis of Dragonreach

    Oh I suspect you're wondering what you can do with the chits huh? Did you think I'd leave that out? I was just making you wait. I won't ruin all the surprises. But, here's a taste.

    You can purchase a mystery bag. This bag could have anything from gold, potions, to items of magical nature in it.

    We'll have a selection of very specific magic items that will activate spells or counters.

    Several favors will be available from friends of the kingdom and nobles. Including the king himself!

    Finely crafted clothing, armor, and weapons.

    Several Transform Scrolls

    Several Tomes of Training, I'm not sure what a shade or scourge of the dead is? Maybe I actually should read these. Those aren't the only ones!
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    Eldrid Augentine,
    Did you read up on what a shade or scourge of the dead is?
    I am curious what a Tome of Training is. Would that, for example, set me on a path to be a Defender, or does it teach more specialized skills like perhaps how to wield 2 Longswords at the same time.

    Will the chit expenditure be at set prices, or will it be run more like an auction?

  3. Alkalin3

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    Indeed I did. The shade has secrets of the night and shadows in it. I imagine this is an introductory guide to becoming invisible at night. The Scourge of the Dead focuses on mitigating necromancy based on bringing magics upon undead. The longer you're able to sustain an offense, the more defensive abilities you can conjure.

    There's also a Geomancer, Pyromancer, and Weapon Master tomes.

    It'll be a set price. There will be a store that everyone can view the wares at all times. Nobles in town will be able to exchange the chits for goods. It'll be first come first serve. Although, in case of the books, I see now reason why they couldn't be shared.

    Eldrid Augentine
    Quartermaster of Gracebourne Manor
    In service of his majesty the king, Lycergis of Dragonreach
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  4. Quartermaster Eldrid-

    I have a question about the crafting completion ... will all crafts be judged together ? Meaning will let's say glass be judged against blacksmith and against weaving? Or will it be multiple completions with like inspiration ?

    If it is multiple- may a person enter more than one?

    Similar question with the bard completion- will songs be judged against stories or will they be alike?

    Thank you for your Time-

    Lady IronRose of Storm's Rose
    Special Envoy of King Grimlock to Dragonreach
    Founder of Forgotten Hope

    "My Life For Theirs"
    "Defending the Dealings of Time and Space"
  5. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Templar South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Both will be a single contest. That being said, the judges will have plenty of room to award more chits if they need or want to. So I wouldn't be too concerned about losing, especially if you have quality work to show off.

    If you'd like to submit multiple pieces, I believe that would be fine.

    Eldrid Augentine
    Quartermaster of Gracebourne Manor
    In service of his majesty the king, Lycergis of Dragonreach

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