Dreams of Freedom Epilouge


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Dreams of Freedom (Epilogue)

With the Dreg and its minions destroyed, the Island of Bastille was thrown into, what some might consider, chaotic disorder. It seemed the prisoners who had not fled in the panic were soon becoming a vengeful mob. Just as things seemed at their worst, the Surviving Guards and the Head Warden were miraculously allowed a peaceful retreat. This, of course, was only made possible with The Baron and Manz Pitzu as a intermediaries to coordinate the safe passage of the Silvarus guards, and a promise from the Head Warden to keep the mainland from retaliation as long as possible. Upon the Baron’s return, he makes it clear that the Head Warden had spoken magically with The Queen of Sylvarus and she had troops on route to take back the Island. However she delayed her troops and gave The Foreigners one week to make their way home. The adventurers could leave via the Wind Gate at any point they choose to within that time period. The Wind Gate allowed them to travel back to Brimm’s Watch at the speed of wind.

(OOG if you need any business dealt with on the Prison Island before leaving please do so on your next Enerret downtime. If however you're planning to remain past the allotted week please E-mail plot at Enerretplot@Gmail.com for further details.)

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