Dropping Those Dates!


Asheville Staff
Hey Folks!

As many of you may have heard, we recently had our 2021 staff meeting. I wanted to update you all on our plans for this year, introduce you to our staff, as well as release our official schedule! There are quite a few things to go over, so let’s get started!
First, for this year’s schedule we have a total of six workdays planned, as well as a one-day event and three regular events! For the workdays, there are several site projects we will be working on this summer. Our Primary goals include remodeling and improving the tavern, upgrading the dungeon before our first event, and a few other surprises! In order to get these projects completed before our first event, we will need a lot of help. If you are able to, please join us for some of the workdays and we will make sure you receive some goblin stamps for your hard work! Also, we usually end up camping out on site on Saturday if the weather allows. So, feel free to come and join us while we have fun and get some work done!

Second, as many of you know our entire staff is volunteers. We receive goblin stamps and magic items picks in exchange for helping to give you the best experience possible. While we have a great team so far, there are still a couple of positions we could use some help with. We currently need a Props team to help organize and run monster camp. This includes tech and props as well as costuming and makeup for our NPCs. We would also like to have a Community Outreach position in charge of helping us have more of a presence at local Cons and events.

Last but not least, for anyone that wants to stay up to date with what’s happening with the chapter and on the site, view our upcoming YouTube channel launching June 1st! Thanks to the work of our production crew, It will soon have site updates, plot teasers, and more! Overall, its looking like an exciting year! With that, everyone stay safe, follow Rule #3, and we will see you all soon!

2021 XR Schedule

  • May 29th-30th – Workdays
  • June 26th-27th – Workdays
  • July 10th- 11th – Workdays
  • July 31st – 1 Day Event
  • August 14th – 15th - Workdays
  • August 20th – 22nd - XR Season Opener
  • September 2nd – 5th – Alliance National Event
  • September 25th – 26th – Workdays
  • October 1st – 3rd – XR Second Event
  • November 13th – 14th – Workdays
  • November 19th – 21st – XR Season Closer

2021 XR Staff

Owner: Tab Merkel - alliancecrossroads@gmail.com

General Manager: Matthew White - alliancexrgm@gmail.com

Head of Rules: Anthony Mungo

Head of Plot: Daniel Perez – alliancexrlogistics@gmail.com

Plot Members: Blake Holsclaw

New Player Representatives and Conflict Moderators: Kori Ivy and An Truong - alliancexrcustomerservice@gmail.com

YouTube Production – Hailey Simon,

Head of Props:

Costume and Makeup team:

Community Outreach and Social Media:
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