Dryad help


In a few months I’m going to my 1st Alliance LARP and I will be playing a Dryad. My question is that I have no idea how to start making the costume or props for it. Would anyone who is/has played a Dryad offer any advise on how to go about it?


Depends on the dryad type you're playing. When I played a reed dryad, I got myself some nettinng and faux seaweed. Then I looked up bamboo placemats as well as the thin bamboo reed style fencing.


Hullo! I play a Thorn Dryad, and braid/floral tape silk flowers into my hair, use eyeliner pencils to paint vines on my face, and henna on my hands. My clothing tends to be flowy, but nothing specifically "Dryad".

As for Barkskin - There's a player in Oregon that payed a Barkskin, and they would use the real tree camo under armor for skin, and paint simple pine branches on their face. There's a lot you can do with silks these days too - a lot of good willow, apple, cherry branches out - or holly and pine in the winter.


Thank you all so much! I have a working idea on how to make it now, hopefully I can make it happen. The only thing I’m still having trouble with is how to secure the leaves to my hair and the rule book says I need a leaf prosthetic but I have no idea what/how to make one.


Most of Dryads I've known who wore leaves hit up the floral section of their local craft store. If you have long hair, a hair clip might be good to make it stay, otherwise you may need spirit gum to glue it on or some sort of hat/headband situation.


There's a dryad in Kansas who uses sheet moss on her face as well, so leaves and painting aren't the only option :)


When I was doing a dryad-equivalent for a non-alliance game, I did a simple vine design on the cheek in makeup, and then had a set of plastic vines that I spiral wrapped around each arm. To anchor them near the wrist I basically wore a pair of green cloth wristbands or attached them to shirt cuffs (depending on weather). At the top they tucked in under my armor. It was very thematic, and still very larp friendly. I had no problems with them in combat or doing other larp things, other than leaving the occasional leaf behind.