Ducal Heralds Ride Out - Visit to Gileania

Ducal Heralds ride out sweeping across the land bringing missives to adventures in the land:

Honorable Adventurers offering your aid to our shard in our greatest time of need,

By the order of the Duchess Kathryn Westing Elavir , in cooperation with the Most Honorable Trine, Rulers of the Realm of Nydabeth, a party of Adventurers will be sent as representatives of the Duchess to examine the and take in this new shard of Gileania. All who wish to come, gather at the Tavern on Wednesday the 16 of September of the year 420, meeting at 7 bells.

Ever in service to the realm and the people,
Duchess Elavir

If you would like to visit the new shard, please be in the Discord text channels this Wednesday, September 16, 2020. A contingent of adventurers are being sent to view the new shard on behalf of the Duchess.
We will kick off at 7 pm Mountain Time.
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