DUNGEON RUN - Times and Order

Alright everybody, the moment you've all been waiting for. We're starting setup at 9AM, so the more people we can get there for that the better, and we'll be tagging a couple people to play monsters for the first run. Anybody on the first two runs MUST be there for setup, and anyone on the last two MUST stay for tear-down.

So, order of runs:
Arcane Sanctum (Mobeus) - 1100-1330
Manny (Stig) - 1330-1530
Ash (Becky) - 1530-1730
Lord Marshal (Eric) - 1730-1930
Lux (Evo) - 1930-2130
Emberforge (Warthorne) - 2130-END

Each run is 90min long with 30min of setup for the following run. The preceding run will be double-hooking for the following one, so everybody get ready for some fun!

EDIT: You must arrive an hour before your slotted start time in order to change into your character and get through logistics.
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This looks really interesting. Please post a link to pictures after the event.